Talenth Forest

The Talenth Forest is located on the eastern side of Brind-Amor, south of the Bay of Mazdaloq’s Folly, east of Nigrum Ursus, and north of the Hilthe Mountains.

The forest is full of all sorts of creatures and the most notable are the Elves of Talenth Forest, ruled by Queen Shyrick.

Also within the forest are bunch of ruins to a long-forgotten kingdom that were recently discovered by an earthquake that produced a sinkhole leading to them. Later, the Champions of Elon discovered that this ancient city extended into the sea just to the east of the forest.


Session #3 (2nd Era) – The Champions of Elon traveled into the forest during the Age of Exploration to assist Queen Skyrick and sealing the portal of undead in the ancient ruins.


Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – After the Elves of the Talenth Forst withdrew from the Brind-Amor Confederacy, they have spent more time in the forest trying to deal with the ever-growing undead problem.

Talenth Forest

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