Tall Mayor

The Tall Mayor, or Peplyn Nimblefoot as his given name, is the leader of the Halfling community of Odenburg on the Rand’s Folly River, north of the Steppes of Ao.

Peplyn was given the name from the leader of the Fire Raider’s Cult, Flamewrath, as a way to mock the short folk. Peplyn, in an act of defiance to the oppressors, happily took the name and now only answers to that.


Session #2 (2nd Era) – After years of servitude to the cultists, the halflings of Odenburg were saved one day when the Champions of Elon arrived and agreed to help eliminate the threat. The Tall Mayor was so overjoyed when news reached of the cultists demise that he bestowed upon the Champions the gift of unlocked knowledge from his community.

Tall Mayor

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