Team Leader Report

You came online shortly after the confrontation between Emperor Gavenius and Astriminar the Lich, known then as the Arch Mage. Triton 714 was the first creature you saw. He calmly guided you through an awkward phase of re-awakening. You have no knowledge of your existence before this but Triton assured you it was ok, as the same thing happened to him.


Over the years, Triton 714 was with you constantly. From him you learned history, politics, the art of combat, and of Ao. That last one never really clicked with you. Triton 714 explains that he was born with a strong sense of religion, having been imbued with the spirit of a famous religious warriors from eras ago. Triton 714 settled your confused thoughts, saying that you were destined or created for something else.

The two of you were the only warforged known in the world. Triton 714 always believed there were more of your kind, but you were the only one he had even heard about. You traveled with Triton 714 around the world, both spreading the word of Ao while on the lookout for others of your kind.

Triton 714 would later explain a third reason for your travels. A memory spark. Triton 714 told you tales of his time aboard the Sea Word during the age of exploration. Several things and places he saw triggered memories from a long ago era, and he hoped that the same would happen to you. It did. Twice.

You traveled with Triton aboard his old ship, the Sea Word, back to the place where he was awoken. The Holy City of Southwatch in the continent of Brind-Amor. Triton 714 told you many things about his home, how he helped teach a tribe of humans the ways of Ao, and assisted with the Sacred Writings of Ao. His crowning achievement was a 100-foot tall statue of Ao that he helped design and build. As the ship rounded the bend, Triton 714 got more and more confused. Where was it? He leapt from the ship as it neared the docks and ran into town asking questions of the giant statue. No one knew of it, there was never a statue of Ao built.

Triton 714 later mentioned to you that he thinks it had to do with an event with his shipmates while in The Citadel. A creature they fought that destroyed memories, and apparently destroyed bits of reality as well. While Triton experience this moment of despair, you had your first flashback.

You were in a forest bathed in slivers of light from the full moon. You stop to scan the horizon. Nothing follows you. At least nothing you can see right now.

“We must go,” you reach your hand out and offer it to a young woman. She in elven, the queen in waiting, and you are trying to escape the Ashilwynn Forest before you are caught.

You take her hand and lead her down a narrow path, constantly scanning the area. Elora Lightstar had to survive and escape the forest that was her homeland. The Ashilwynn Elves have been overthrown, and she was the last member of the ruling house. If she doesn’t survive the elves will have no one to lead them and they will surely succumb to the invading Scourge.

The smell of salt water was in the air and you knew you were close to the shore where you boat was. We are going to make it! But wait! Up ahead you spy two scourge snooping around your boat, lying in wait to ambush you. But you saw them first. Silently you load your trusty hand-crossbow up with a single bolt and line up the shot. Thwack! Headshot and it was dead. The second Scourge whirled around and was immediately run through with your rapier.

“Rigel, you’re amazing!” said Elora. You almost felt like you were blushing as you got her into the boat and rowed away.

Joy is what you felt right now. You accomplished your mission, and perhaps saved the elves.

You had your back to the beach as you looked at Elora, her smile quickly faded as it turned to puzzlement. You could see a tiny glint of fire in the reflection of her eyes, and it got bigger and bigger. You turned around and saw a third Scourge from the beach had hurled a fireball at you. The explosion was deafening, splinters of wood and fire sprayed everywhere and seconds later you were underwater.

You frantically searched underwater for Elora, but it was so dark. You know you only had a minute before she would run out of air.

Two minutes later, you found her body. She drowned, under your care, and just a few feet away from safety.

Now you know exactly what Triton 714 was feeling.

Complete Despair.

Your second flashback was while you were on Geargrind Island, stopping here on your way back from Brind-Amor. The gnomes were a curious people, with their crazy inventions and canopy that enclosed the bay. You even saw an airship floating around the bay. Triton 714 smiled and mentioned that he had a hand in building that, long ago.

During a short visit to the town of Binable, Triton 714 was saddened to hear that an old friend of his, Wilhik Rovelcast had passed away peacefully. When you asked about him, Triton 714 silently tapped the journal that he always carried but never shared. He was a great help, he said referring to the book.

About a week later you were set to return to the Nosiriath Realm when Triton seemed excited. He gave you a present. A gnomish made, repeating hand-crossbow made of the finest cottonwood, light but yet indestructible.

“I remembered the memory you had before and in it you lost your crossbow, so I had my friend Engineer Glinwhiz fashion you a new one.”

You couldn’t be happier. Triton 714 took a bad memory you had and brought something good from it, even if it was small in comparison. He went on to explain how to load a 4-shot clip into the crossbow, how you could attach a rope to the bolt to shoot it forward, and how the crossbow collapses and fits into the small compartment on your leg, just like how his double-blade does for him.

Triton 714 smiled, happy that you like his gift, “Just don’t lose it this time.”

You enjoy a laugh and have never felt such joy before. Wait, except for….

That time you were traveling through the ruins of a dungeon. Triangle formation, wait…the other two are…warforged also. The three of your carefully move through the ruins, constantly on the lookout for trouble. The other two switch their camouflage to stone and you do the same as well. You can barely see them through against the greyish background.

Then you come to a giant chasm, some 25-feet across with no bottom in sight. The three of you look around, and see no way across. Rigel 86 speaks up that we’ll have to go back.

“Wait, R-86, that column across the way will help us.”

“What?!? How?”

“Just you watch,” you reply as you snicker to yourself.

You pull out your trusty old crossbow and notch a bolt, and lay down on the ground next to the chasm. The other two watch you spy the giant vertical, but unsteady, column on the opposite side.

“Do you think you are going to knock that column over, and it is going to fall over the chasm?” Questions Rigel 4, “Do you really think that is going to work?”


R-86 and R-4 walk over and stand behind where you are laying. You can see them tracing out a line between you and the weak column on the other side.

“You don’t even have line of sight on it, the alter is in the way. C’mon, let’s start heading back.”

You smile, “You two can head back, but I’m walking across the column over this chasm.”

You pull the bolt out of the crossbow, and thin the feathers out just a bit. You line up a shot to the left of the alter, to an old shield, propped up against a burnt out brazier, and let your shot fly. It whizzes over the chasm and skips off the shield and hits somewhere near the base of the column.

“Whoa!” they both exclaim, “Great shot, but the column still remain- oh by Ao’s beard!”

The column creaks and groans, and starts to shift. Slowly at first it starts to fall, and then comes crashing down across the chasm with a thunderous boom.

R-86 and R-4 stand behind you with their mouths open. You can’t believe you made that on your first shot, that coupled with the site of your comrades in disbelief of what they just saw was priceless.

Pure Joy.

By the time you returned to the Nosiriath Realm, Aqium had already invaded and taken over the Kingdom of Dolaneg. The Great War that was already a threat was now upon us all. Triton 714 returned to serve with Justicar Aneasar, to train holy warriors to fight.

“You should do the same Rigel 108. Your talents lie not in with the church but elsewhere. Aqium and Astriminar are terrible and vicious creatures, bent on the destruction of the world. We must all band together and destroy them once and for all. You must play your part in this as well.”

He was right, and two days later you had joined the army. Two weeks after that and you were attending basic training in the Ilthor Kingdom. Two months after that you were visited by Chancellor Gavin, who was impressed with your skills and asked you to join an elite but small strike force that would swing the tide of the war completely. You agreed and he made you Team Leader of Corvus Septum. Triton 714 arrived in the capital to wish you good luck, and give you a gift. He gave you the field journal he studied for years.

While in the capital briefly, you met Brenna, a young half-elf spellcaster from what was the Doleneg Kingdom (Wil). Chancellor Gavin caught you up to speed on your first mission.

“Time is of the essence and you two need to mobilize now. The rest of your team will join you shortly. The Decius Army is launching an offensive, top secret, on Dunbar Island. It is an island in the gulf between the Kingdom of Ilthor and the former Dolaneg Kingdom. Aqium hasn’t made a strong stand in the island and some Generals here think this could be a huge rally cry for us to hang our hats on. A chance to actually push Aqium back. The attack is being led by a young man, Centurion Quin Arcavius. Old Decius bloodlines, wealthy family, strong supporter of King Venantius II.

You glance at Brenna briefly, “What are our orders?” you ask.

“Assist with the invasion, but keep an eye on Quin. Gauge how he commands. How does he act under pressure? How do the soldiers react to his commands? Are his decisions careless or thought out?”

Chancellor Gavin sighs, “You will be under his command for now. I’m still working on the logistics of this strike force. Soon you’ll be in charge of it, Rigel, but for now Centurion Quin is in command.”

Gavin smiles, “Good luck, I’ll be in touch with you as soon as a can.”

The following morning the two of you sailed from Centum Treyopolis to a rendezvous point on the coast just east of the Ashilwynn Forest. There, a single warship, formerly of the Galerius Brotherhood, was loaded up with 25 soldiers and prepared to launch the invasion on the nearby island. Centurion Arcavius is a young man, early 20’s, with long blonde hair. He welcomed you aboard for this mission and he seems to have a lot of confidence, which is exactly what the soldiers needed for this dangerous mission.

It only took about 3 hours of sailing to spot the island and then another hour or so to circle around to reach the only town on it, Dunbar Town. No enemy warships were spotted nearby nor in the docks. Centurion Arcavius led the soldiers as they slipped off the warship in rowboats and reached the beach just north of the town to begin the assault.

Arcavius assured the confused townfolk that they were here to liberate them from the unjust Aqium overlords and if they could…point them…in the right direction?

This isn’t what you expected. You envisioned dozens of men, under a hail of cannons, storming the beach and belting out blood-curdling war cries. Not…asking for directions.

Finally you found some Aqium soldiers, they had taken over the mayor’s manor. You and Brenna took out the two guards out front with ranged attacks as the rest of the soldiers entered the house. A few minutes later, Arcavius exited the manor with his weapon still in hand. “I think we got it. Not the manor, the whole island. I conquered Dunbar Island!” The soldiers cheered and you and Brenna looked at each other confused.

A couple of days here offered some more perspective on the “Invasion”. Apparently there were only six Aqium soldiers stationed here and they weren’t that controlling of the townsfolk. They mostly sat around and drank rum all day while everyone else went about their business.

Arcavius took over the mayor’s manor and made it his command post. He threw a huge party the first night to celebrate the courageous victory, the first of many! He sent the warship back to the Ashilwynn beach to resupply his army with provisions while he wrote his parents about his amazing accomplishment.

The two of you began to scout around the town. It had one tavern in it, called the Blue Gateway Inn. Only thing remarkable about it is that it is built around an inert blue pillar. The jail has one person in it, a strange gnome that keeps asking to see her “sisters”. There are a couple of merchant ships here in the docks, waiting for Arcavius to release them, and a local met with Arcavius to look into disturbance south of town near an old burial mound. Arcavius ran his hair through his long blonde hair, “I don’t have time to run the government here AND plan another invasion, I’ll get someone else to look into this.”

Word came around that the warship returns with more supplies and the rest of the Corvus Septum team.

Rigel 108
Team Leader
Corvus Septum

Operation Zatha

Urgent! Another member of your group is in dire need of assistance. Sail for Zatha immediately, Stath Cloudhelm in the docks, will arrange transportation. Once there proceed to the Goblin Zappers Store. Down a back alley is a sewer entrance. Left, left, right. Be careful, the Legion of Aqium has taken the city.

The operative is Ethne, sister of Evaine. She has been investigating an organization called the Red Sisters who recently moved into Zatha. She has called for backup, and indicates that she has two children with her that need to be exfiltrated from the situation discreetly.


Rigel 108
Team Leader
Corvus Septum
Doppelganger Mission

A great opportunity has come to us and the time is now. There is a high ranking official with the Aqium Legion in Zatha by the name of Asori Nemat. We need you to remove Nemat and replace him with our agent without being seen. This only works if the other Legion members still think it’s the same Asori. He is located in the Merchant District, has a shaved head, and dark goatee, and wears dark clothing.


Ethne knows where to find our agent. You have 24 hours.


Rigel 108
Team Leader
Corvus Septum
Battle of Anavio

As I feared, the Legion of Aqium was not satisfied with the taking of Zatha and they march inland towards Anavio. Anavio, as you know, is the capital of the Alimlar Domain and if Aqium was able to take this city I fear that the entire Domain will fall. Based on the geography this would be a huge detriment to us as it would split the Ilthor Kingdom off from the Nosiriath Realm, from here it would only be a matter of time before Aqium gained complete control of Decius. Queen Seera has a tenuous, at best, control over the domain after the relatively recent coup that she led against the former king. A successful defense here could actually solidify her rule.

Do what you can to turn this battle in our favor, meet with the Queen to see how you can assist. Be aware, there is a large population of lizardmen led by Chief Shuuth in the Dreq Marsh.

Meet your contact on the docks of Zatha tomorrow night.


Rigel 108
Team Leader
Corvus Septum
Operation Stator Mines

A Legion of Aqium force was spotted north of your location around the mining town of Stator. There is something strange about their operation, and I’m starting to fear that the Attack on Anavio was a distraction to whatever they are up to in Stator. Get up their immediately and look into this matter.


Rigel 108
Team Leader
Corvus Septum
Operation Dispel

There is only one person that we know of that can help you with this predicament. He is an arcane and divine researcher named Morthos. He has retired to the village of Alnerwick. However, this village lies within the borders of Aqium, about 4-5 days from your location. Legion forces that recently took Arabona also captured the nearby Fort Rifugio. You’ll need to be careful as you will be in enemy territory. Report back when you reach the village.


Rigel 108
Team Leader
Corvus Septum
Operation Dispel

You will need to infiltrate Fort Rifugio, find Morthos, and break him out. This is a well defended fortress manned by those who captured Arabona. A direct assault on the fortress is ill-advised, so you’ll need to split up into two-man teams when you reach the fortress walls and find different points of entry.

Also, Commander Vahlen is the person in charge of Fort Rifugio and he has been instrumental in developing the war plans for the Legion herein Decius. It is likely that he has the plans on him, so if you can get copies of them, it was be a tremendous boon for Decius. We have an operative within the fortress who will try and assist you as best he can. He has placed a handful of stashes around the fortress with this symbol on them:


Keep an eye out for them, they could be very valuable to accomplish your mission. Try and knock out the spotlights in the field next to the fort, they could be a great help in your escape. Get Morthos out and back to Alimar, the war plans are optional.


A merchant looks up and smiles at you, then goes back to organizing his display. His head shakes violently for a second then slowly he turns back to you. His eyes are pure white. His mouth opens and closes a few times before he begins to speak in a monotone:

• “Rigel…One….Oh….Eight….your people need you….the warforged return….it is most important…three warforged are online now….working to reestablish the ancient army….Mythos 796, Triton 811, and Eros 077….need your help the restore….a great wizard guides us….we once had a great cause….now is the time to return…your brethren call to you for help….”

The merchant collapses and others rush to help him, “Raif! Are you alright?” The Merchant is slowly lifted to his feet, “What? What happened?” He rubs his forehead, and looks up at you. “What happened? Did I pass out?”


You are heading through the narrow passageway towards the Sacred Stone Monastery when Brandyn starts to shake, as if she is trying to get a bee out of her helmet. Calmly, she turns around to you and speaks in a dry monotone:

“Rigel…one…Oh…eight….this is Eros….zero……seven. You hold….the key….to our survival….a spare power….unit… your possession. Replicated….we can….revive the army…..once and for all….The great wizard pleads… us….nothing else….matters.”

Bardryn collapses to one knee, “Moradin’s beard!” She pulls her helmet off and feels around inside it with her hands. “Hmpf. Could have sworn there was something in there.”


The group searches through the bodies while one of the dead Darakhul’s reaches out and grabs your arm. Its lifeless eyes stare off into the distance while its mouth struggles to form words.

“Rigel…One….Zero….Eight….A reckoning is coming…for you…for your people….Together we can…seal the breach…once and for all….The Scourge….no more….We are so close….the great wizard can see light at the end…the war is taking a toll….we need your help….the great wizard envisioned that I will meet you soon…you must join us to save….everything.”

The mouth of a ghouls remains open, no more words coming from its mouth. Your comrades start to gather around you wondering what is up.


Team Leader Report

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