Terribeth of the Red Sisters

Little is known about this evil gnome, where she came from, or what is her organization. A confused jailor recounts a tale that she was brought in by fellow shipmates for murder. She stares at the window all day, calling for her Red Sisters.


Session #22 (4th Era) – While in Dunbar Town, Corvus Septum met with Terribeth (name not known at the time) as Evaine was thinking this might be her sister Ethne, based on the description. She didn’t say anything but upon leaving she turned to Evaine and said, “I will drink upon your blood, this I swear to the Red Maiden.”

Brodus took this dagger that belonged to her. It contains a secret compartment to store poison from what it looks like.


Before the Alliance Forces invasion of Dunbar, Ethne visited with Terribeth as she would be posing as her as she infiltrated the Red Sisters in the city of Zatha. Another operative of Chancellor Gavin, Stath Cloudhelm, assisted Ethne on a section of this mission.

Terribeth of the Red Sisters

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