The Great War

Sages sometimes disagree when the Great War actually started. Some point to the Aqium invasion of the Kingdom of Dolaneg as the start of it as this mark the first foray into enemy lands. Others site the epic battle between Emperor Gavenius and Astriminar the Lich as the beginning, and they might be right.

For decades the Decius Empire enjoyed a relationship with Aqium. Decius was a warrior nation with a strong and strict code that kept them focused, disciplined, and pulling in the same direction. Aqium, on the other hand, flourished with arcane talents and skills. They constantly pushed the known boundaries of arcane knowledge, and searched the world for ancient artifacts and relics of ages past.

Gradually, over time, the Aqium Wizards worked their way into the everyday life of the Decius Empire. Soon all groups of Galerius Brotherhood had at least one Aqium Wizard present. These wizards were also mandatory to be part of the Emperor’s council and eventually they established a base of operation in the capital of Centum Treyopolis called the Tower of the Elements.

This began a series of events which point to Aqium gathering power and resources for war, which include the abduction of the Snow Queen, and the stealing of the Crown of Shadows.

The Emperor saw through the (at the time) Arch-Mage’s plan and began to assemble his own coalition. For years the Emperor built and army to take on the Scourge, but more an more evidence came in that the Arch Mage might actually welcome a Scourge Invasion. The Emperor gathered his dragonborn army, the Galerius Brotherhood, a former colleague known as the Chronomancer, and also reached out to the senior officers of the Sea Word to confront the now lich, Astriminar as he traveled to the Holy Sanctuary of Ao to usher in the Scourge.

The Empire was successful in that a full Scourge invasion did not occur, but most sages agree that this was a ploy by Astriminar, that he was actually after one of the Seven Artifacts, the longsword of the Emperor, Last Rites.

Things were quiet for several years after that. Aqium retreated to their lands and shut off contact with Decius. The Empire crumbled into five parts known as the fractured states of Decius. Eventually the Kingdom of Dolaneg began trade routes with Aqium (and the rest of the world) and most people breathed a sigh of relief. The war that loomed over their heads was never going to happen.

Then it did. Nine years ago Aqium forces of wizards, minotaurs, dragons, and undead reached the shores of the Kingdom of Dolaneg and swiftly swept through the country, seizing their lands, gold, and resources.

The Ilthor Kingdom, the Alimlar Domain, the Nosiriath Realm, and the Free States of Ramicus went on high alert, fearing they would be next. But Aqium remained patient and calm, seemingly satisfied with what they had.

Until recently. Aqium forces have begun to push into all of the fractured states at the same time. All hope is lost. Almost. A mid-ranking officer named Chancellor Gavin has assembled an elite strike team that could be a great help in more unconventional ways than an army might. This team, Corvus Septum, holds the fate of the world in their hands.


Session #22 (4th Era) Alliance Forces of Decius, led by Centurion Arcavius, reclaimed the island town of Dunbar from a very small outpost of Legion of Aqium forces. Later they managed to repel a counter-attack.

Session #23 (4th Era) Legion of Aqium forces had taken over the city of Zatha in the Alimlar Domain and also the town of Hadia, in the eastern edge of the Nosiriath Realm.

The Great War

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