The Red Comet

Initially feared to be a harbinger of death or war, the Red Comet swept across the skies some 18 years ago for all of the world to see. The House of Scribe, long looking for a way to introduce a calendar to Brind-Amor, used this event to mark the beginning of recorded time.

Red comet.jpg

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – Years later it would be learned that much of the world used this event as a reference to time. Some scholars of the House of Scribe believe that it is a regular occurrence as evidence of the Field Notes of Vadiz Aquillius


  • 0 – Red Comet passes through the sky
  • 1 – Zurgha the Prevailer leads Doombringer Orcs attack Nigrum-Ursus
  • 16 – Tests of Reshk winners set to be officers on the United Pride
  • 19 – United Pride departs, set to return in 5 years
  • 24 – United Pride does not return
  • 26 – Tests of Reshk winners set to be officers on the Sea Word and search for United Pride, 3rd Era of Epic Campaign begins

The Red Comet

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