The Scourge

Long thought of as a fairy tale or a childhood story, The Scourge epitomizes all things evil, the name refers to a number of beasts that fit the description of ultimate fear and terror. No one knows where they come from, or what they do, but everything that lives in Brind-Amor, even the orcs, fear the Scourge.


Session #1 (1st Era) – The Red Hawk Tribe ran into an injured Scourge while they were retrieving the Staff of Kree-e-ar. The Scourge had three hell hounds bound to him with a magical chain. Utter crazed rage was telepathically blasted from the Scourge before he died. The remains disappeared in a flash of light.

Session #1.5 – While there has never been another sighting of The Scourge since the time when the Red Hawk Tribe encountered them at The Pillar hundreds of years ago, they still remain a well-known tale in lore thanks to the House of Scribe. Members of other tribes are aware of the myth of the Scourge as well as the elves. The Hilthe Mountain dwarves make no mention of them at all, calling it a made up fable from generations ago.

Session #2 (2nd Era) – While exploring the shipwreck several members of the Champions of Elon spotted the skeletal remains of a hideous creature that could only be the Scourge.

Session #3 (2nd Era) – In the middle of the Talenth Forest, while the Champions were attempting to close an undead portal, the group came across a statue of the Scourge while in an underground ruin of an ancient city.


Session #5 (2nd Era) – The Champions of Elon came across a warlock faction called the Followers of the Scourge, who made deals with the Scourge for powers. They were in conflict with the Ancient Believers of Ao.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – While the Scourge have never been a serious problem, they have been popping up from time to time, usually near the known Pillars.

Session #10 (3rd Era) – While Triton 714 and Harruq swam to the wreckage of the Aluredes, a commotion could be heard below decks of the Sea Word followed by shouts that the Scourge was attacking.

Session #11 (3rd Era) – In a deadly attack the Scourge suddenly appeared and attacked the crew of the Sea Word. However, most of them teleported away despite clearly having the upper hand. The sole purpose of the attack seemed to be for the Salt Devil to lay his hands on Captain Jaffe and give his the Slave Branding on his arm.


Session #12 (3rd Era) – Captain Jaffe suffered a horrible hallucination due to the branding and saw himself imprisoned in hell for 100 years. In reality it only lasted a few minutes. The crew seems unsure of him lately.

Session #14 (3rd Era) – The officers of the Sea Word teamed up with the remaining officers of the United Pride during the King of the Hill Tournament in Centum Treyopolis. During the 5th and final round of the fight, the Emperor sprung a surprise on the defenders, forcing them to fight The Scourge. Un’Goro saved the day when he used the Iron Flask to imprison the Scourge. The Emperor seemed impressed by their abilities, but never got a chance to speak to them since the Arethrion Elves launched a surprise attack.


Session #16 (3rd Era) – The group helped a mysterious figure called The Chronomancer out of his self-imposed prison/hiding spot and he was able to remove the nightmarish effects of the slave branding from Talison Jaffe, although he still bears the physical mark. The Chronomancer seemed hesitant to allow the name “the scourge” to even mentioned in his presence and stated (vaguely) that he has butted heads with them for some time.

Session #21 (3rd Era) – Fearful that the Arch Mage (now Astriminar the Lich) was traveling to the Sanctuary of Ao to open the flood gates for the Scourge, Emperor Gavenius rallied the troops to defend that holy site. As it turns out, Astriminar only sought the legendary artifact and longsword, Last Rites, one of the Seven Artifacts.

Session #26 (3rd Era) – Two things of interest here. There was mention that no one has seen nor heard of the Scourge in over 40 years, with Astriminar the Lich taking credit for ridding the world of this menace. Also, while in the ruins of Durn Khete-Tymir, it was learned that, a thousand years ago, the Scourge were a huge problem.

The Scourge

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