The Shipwreck

The discovery of The Shipwreck is the catalyst that send the Elonians into the Age of Exploration.

It was first noticed by Rand, an Elonian, during his stint working at Hawk’s Perch as it was northeast of the watchtower and in the Great Sea. Rand informed his friends, the Champions of Elon, during the Tests of Reshk, imploring that it had to be investigated. Unfortunately the people of Elon, through an agreement with the Razortooth Sahuagin, are not allowed outside of the Attlica Bay. As fate would have it, an opportunity arose later that night.

Baron Sekolah asked the Champions to help him and his people out and got them to transport some mysterious sea elves to a location outside of the bay. The Baron assured them that this was ok. The Champions took this opportunity to investigate the object that Rand saw.

It turned out to be a shipwreck from a long time ago. The skeletal remains at the site indicated it was full of 7-foot tall, horned humanoids, and handful of human slaves/workers, and one terrifying skeletal remains of The Scourge.

Through careful exploration the Champions were able to learn how the ship was constructed, how it operated, how it sunk, and how the cannons worked. They also found a handful of treasures and magic items in the debris field along with what appears to be the final entry of the captain’s log.

482.3 – We barely made it out of Athard just ahead of the attacks. I feel I have dishonored my forefathers by fleeing, but I must remind myself that they will wipe us all out. We sail south where we hope to find safe lands. Hopefully we slipped out undetected.

The information the Champions learned, along with a spell scroll, were taken back to Elon and given to the House of Scribe and the Council of Elders. After much thought and discussion, the Elder Council came to the conclusion that the Elonians must explore the world and discover what it out there. FIve years later the Chaytan began it’s voyage with the Champions of Elon in command.


Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – During this time work was completed on the knowledge of gunpowder and the House of Scribe Inventors were able to produce a handful of cannons and handguns used on the United Pride and the Sea Word.

The Shipwreck

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