Tiemeth and Mersoth

Brother and sister, green dragons that ruled over the Galadinthar Forest for the last decade. While still young of age, the two were inseparable and cause problems for all the denizens of the forest.

Recently they heard the magical voices of a human named Takkar and elf named Selussa. They had to have them, to force them to sing whenever they wanted. The two hatched a plan and swooped in to snatch them up while they sang in a moonlit glade. Takkar managed to push Selussa out of the way and the dragons only ended up getting Takkar. Good, but not ideal. They began to form a plan to trap Selussa in Rothia to complete their set. However, Selussa was forming her own plan.


Session #4 – Once Selussa put out a distress call that the Champions of Elon answered, she mounted an ambush inside a large cavern known to be frequented by the dragons. She, and the Champions were victorious and slayed both dragons and freeing Takkar.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – The original Arcane University built by the Galadinthar Elves is built on the site with Tiemeth and Mersoth were killed.

Tiemeth and Mersoth

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