Todrick and Emily Chespian

The children (ages 8 and 6) of Lord Adriel Chespian and their late mother, Elaina who passed away giving birth to Emily. They live in their estate in the city of Zatha, recently taken over by Legion of Aqium forces. The kids are polite and courteous, just like their father, and have a zest for life, adventure, and learning, just like their mother.

Their most recent tutor, Wilona, moved away which forced Lord Chespian to find a new tutor, He hired a gnome by the name of Terribeth to work his children.


Session #23 (4th Era) – Todrick and Emily love their new tutor and affectionally call her “Auntie Beth”. They know nothing of what is going on right now. When Ethne learned of the planned fate of the children of having them sacrificed in the Parlor of Countless Delights by Sister Evi, she took them to safety. Corvus Septum arrived in Zatha and helped take them to the Nightingale.

Session #24 (4th Era) – As Corvus Septum returned with the treasure of Kaithor Blacksail, Captain Cimris agreed to transport the kids to the Ashilwynn Elves.

Todrick and Emily Chespian

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