Treagir River

One of the four major rivers that flow from the Kainin Mountains, the Treagir flows east from the mountains, through the plains and into the sea on the far side of Brind-Amor.


Session #1 (1st Era) – The Red Hawk Tribe had another run in with the Doombringer Orcs where the Treagir River flows from the mountains and into the plains. The Red Hawks just managed to get across the river before the onslaught of orcs overtook them.

Session #2 (2nd Era) – The Champions of Elon, aboard the Chaytan, found the mouth of the Treagir River as they sailed up it to the town of Nigrum Ursus.

Session #3 (2nd Era) – The Champions learned from Balnar Stonecutter that there was nothing else upriver from Nigrum Ursus along the Treagir River. When the champions were kicked out, they sailed back down river to the Great Sea.


Treagir River

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