Triton 714

A construct of some long forgotten empire, Triton 714 is a seemingly man-made biped humanoid that was first discovered by members of the Wenja as they fled the Kainin Mountains during the 1st Era. As it has been retold through the years, Triton 714 was motionless until the tribe came across him. Triton 714 sparked to life and began reciting passages from what would later become the Sacred Writings of Ao.

Triton 714 has no knowledge of who he is, where he comes from, are their others like him, or even what he is. He states that his purpose is to serve Ao and assist others towards enlightenment. Triton 714 gave the Wenja a purpose and a direction once they arrived in the area, and that was to serve Ao. The First Quill transcribed the Sacred Writings from Triton 714, and even the 100-foot tall statue, known as the Icon of Ao, just outside of the Holy City of Southwatch was partially designed by Triton 714.

In an eerily similar fashion to Ao, Triton 714 always is and always will be.



Session #4 (2nd Era) – The Champions of Elon stumbled upon Triton 714 as they explored the world of Brind-Amor during the 2nd era. They learned that he doesn’t know where he comes from but that he serves Ao and assists others.

Session #5 (2nd Era) – While on Skyland, the Champions of Elon learned the numbers of the strange language as they were used as a countdown timer for when Skyland would take off again. They correspond with the markings on Triton 714.


Session #6 & 7 (2nd Era) – Fought with Divine Dermenian and the other Coalition Forces in the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – Triton 714 is set to participate in the Tests of Reshk in Year 26 of the Red Comet and may serve aboard the Sea Word as it explores and searches for the fate of the United Pride.

Session #27 (3rd Era) – Morthos told Rigel that Triton 714 might be able to assist in his predicament with the Robes of the Fallen.

Session #28 (4th Era) – Triton met Corvus Septum in Pella’s Wish and traveled with them to Khirn Doral where had made an impassionate plea with King Karrig Thror and Justicar Aneasar to allocate some resources for the endeavor to lift the curse of the Robes of the Fallen from Rigel. They agreed, and with Triton’s help, the robes were destroyed.

Triton 714

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