Triton 714 Flashbacks

The Styrc Isles

Session #10 (3rd Era)

To the shock of everyone on board the clockwork beetle springs to life and flies over to you. It lands on your waist, and one of its claw-like appendages stabs at a miniscule hole on your hip, and a compartment opens up, very similar to the one on your right hip that contains your double blade. The clockwork beetle climbs in and closes the hatch. The sounds of your crewmates fades away as you experience your first flashback. These are fragments of that memory that you can recall:

• You are in an enormous, round room
• You can barely see the domed ceiling above you
• You are among other like you
• The closest one to you has a designation similar to you
• You don’t know the first emblem but the numbers read, “952”
• Your weapon is in hand, ready to strike as are the others
• You can overhear voices, bits of a conversation
• A voice says, “Yes Master” and you gasp
• One by one you shut down
• You shout, Virmire 952! before you shut down.


Battle of Geargrind Island

Session 312 (3rd Era)

Whirl. Stop. Whirl. Stop. Uncouple. Bright light. Green code. Flashing. Flashing. Eyes open. Figure. Smiling. Fatherly.

“Welcome to life, blessed is Ao.”

You nod your head, “All praise to Ao.”

Human, male, brown hair, long mustache, platemail armor, smiles, “You are Triton 714. You are infused with the spirit of my best friend, Ravoroth of Decius. He was a pillar of Ao, a leader of his people the dragonborn, and was anointed with the title of Saint to our most holy church.”

You nod, “I hope to live up to his standards.” Scanning around you see hundreds of other warforged just like yourself, each with their own designation, they too are just coming online for the first time.

The man smiles, “I’m sure you will. You are more than any of these others, much more, Triton 714. We will talk more in the future. By the way, I’m Lord Endrick Brightblade,” his eyes start to well up, “it is good to see you again, old friend.”

Endrick moves toward the other warforged and he give the same greeting to each one, “Welcome to life, Triton 715, blessed is Ao” and then to the next, “Welcome to life, Triton 716, blessed is Ao.”


Arethrion Elves Breakout

Session #13 (3rd Era)

“Stand down, Triton 19!” you shout from behind.

The warforged shouts over his shoulder, “I no longer take orders from you, Triton 714!” Triton 19 resumes attacking the statue of Ao the Warrior with his double-bladed sword.

You calmly walk up to Triton 19 and place your hand on his shoulder, “This is getting us nowhere, Triton 19, we must push forward.”

Triton 19 throws down his double-blade, it clatters off the stone floor, “WE HAVE BEEN DECIEVED! Why don’t you see this? You are blind, blind like the others!” Triton 19 points at the other…people (?) behind you. You are not sure who or what they are, but you know they are there.

You spin the warforged around to look him in the eye, “Triton 19. I understand…we all understand what has happened…we have lost our way. But we will not give up. Not now, not ever. We will rally together and get through this. Now gra—“


Everyone in the group jumps at the sound, Triton 19 grabs his blade off the ground and the entire group hustles towards the opposite archway from the sound. Deep down inside you know that you have lost your way as well. But you keep pushing on.


King of the Hill Tournament

Session #14 (3rd Era)

You set foot in the town of Scalaycium, a coastal town on the southwestern part of Decius. Although it is on the main continent it really is more a part of the island towns ( Savarius, Nursia, and Basti).

It’s funny, it almost reminds you of Beckinsdale, a coastal town from…long ago? Hmm, seems very familiar. The docks where there…the town center was there…the oddly shaped boulder was…right…there. Exactly where a boulder currently sits in Scalaycium. Could…could this be the same place?

You search your mind for lost memories. You were in Beckinsdale, boarding a ship, by yourself. A ship bound for far off lands. You just want to put what happened far behind you. You want to leave this land for good and never look back. A voyage that would take weeks. Hopefully you can start a new life there, as your life here is gone.

Cerioth Hatchery Liberation

Session #15 (3rd Era)

Tink tink tink.

The mason’s hammer taps carefully on the plaque, nailing it to the wall. He steps back and looks to you for approval.

“I think it’s perfect,” interrupts Endrick, “may it and this temple survive the test of time. You have done Ao an honor Master mason.”

The mason smiles sheepishly and goes back to work on the plaque while Lord Brightblade motions you to walk with him.

“Ah, I remember the first Temple of Ao dedicated to me. It was in my hometown, a little place called Pella’s Wish in the eastern Decius. All of my family was there, even my father before he passed. I was so proud of myself.”

Endrick stops and gazes at the pond that this temple is built around.

“And then Ao taught me a valuable lesson.” Endrick turns his attention back to you, driving home this point so that you always remember. “There I was, basking in my own glory when a loose stone fell from the ceiling, hitting me square on the head. Blood ran down my face, I was furious. Careless workmanship! I shouted. I climb atop some boxes to see where the stone came from, building my argument against the mason, but I couldn’t find it. Not a single stone was missing. Then it dawned on me. Ao taught me a lesson.”

Endrick leads you towards the classroom, were you decided to teach local orphans about the greatness of Ao. “The mason said it must have been an extra stone, probably just forgotten amongst the rafters, that fell on its own. But I know better. Ao humbled me, told me I am just a man. No more, no less.”

You reach the private temple room in the northeast corner, the holiest of chapels where the High Priest will privately commune with Ao for guidance.

“Ravoroth, you will do Ao proud. Remain grounded. Praise Ao. Stand for Justice, and remember…Pride comes before the fall.”

You smile. It’s nice to hear such a humbling story from Endrick, a man who epitomizes all that is good in the church.

Like Clockwork

Session #16 (3rd Era)

Back aboard the Sea Word having escaped from Scalaycium, you stand on deck watching the crew eat, drink, and enjoy the peacefulness of a night on a calm ocean. It brings you back to an earlier time…

Ah, Pella’s Wish, Endrick paused as he took a puff off his pipe, Now that is a small town. You and the others chuckle around a campfire, the night full of stars. But, with a wonderful stor,. he added.

Endrick Brightblade always had the best stories, he has been around the world and seemed to know most everyone in it.

It’s a small mountain town in eastern Decius, in an area called The Arm, a mountain range that extended from the core of Decius towards the continent to the north, Ramicus. The villagers lived a normal life, growing crops, herding cattle, raising families. Then, long, long ago, they were ruthlessly attacked by a band of orcs. The marauding orcs tore through the village, killing, stealing, and setting houses on fire. The surviving townsfolk were shocked, stumbling around in the dark without a thought of what to do.

Alert the knights, the Vanguard of Ao! shouted someone from the other side of the campfire.

Endrick waved the comment off with his pipe, This was well before our order was formed.

This seemed to surprise those around the campfire as they have a difficult time comprehending a time without their order.

Endrick continued as he stared into the fire, What a frightful time it must have been. To be all alone in this world, without a flicker of light to guide them through the darkness. Just…waiting to die.

You shake your head in disbelief; How could people live like this?

Endrick’s disposition brightened, Then a little girl saved them all. She prayed. Prayed to the Empty Void. She did not pray to Ao, because Ao was not known. But she was not deterred. She prayed for her village, prayed for her people, prayed through the night. Her mother tried to pull her away, but little Pella remained steadfast in her prayers. And something…someone…listened..

The following day rains brought water to the fields, and doused the fires. The next day brought sunshine to dry things out. The following day a herd of goats and sheep wandered into town. Endrick leans in close, And on the day after that, the crops blossomed.

Gasps could be heard around the campfire, Four days? asked someone.

Endrick smiled, beaming with pride. Aye, every day she wished for help and every day Ao delivered. The village prospered and the orcs were never seen again. When Pella was older, she traveled around Decius spreading the word. Do you know who she turned out to be? asked Endrick.

Everyone around the campfire looked puzzled.

Endrick smiled, knowing the answer would shock them, She later became Elemiah, First Quill of Ao, and author of the Sacred Writings of Ao.

Some of the other Vanguards around the campfire openly wept hearing this story, and you must admit that you teared up even though you heard the story before.

And that is where I am from, the birthplace of our most sacred religion, said Endrick with pride.

You snap back awake and find yourself back on the deck of the Sea Word. One of the crewmen has brought out a lute and plays a song while the others dance. You smile, it’s always nice to experience a pleasant flashback and…wait a minute. You were just concentrating on Pella’s Wish before you entered this flashback. You picked it up from a previous flashback. Is it possible to concentrate and produce specific flashbacks? Hmmm, you’ll have to give this some more thought.

Into the Citadel

Session 17 (3rd Era)

Concentrate! Concentrate! CONCENTRATE!

You quickly wipe the sweat from your brow and catch a quick glance of Endrick. The two of you are in the same boat, concentrating with all of your divine strength, but getting very nervous about what is happening around you.

Most of you listens closely to the incantations of Endrick’s divine spell, waiting for the exact moment to start yours. If you are going to pull this off, the timing has to be perfect. But a sliver of your mind wanders off to what just happened.

Your ‘new-found’ friends are fighting for their lives, not 20-feet from you right now. They are buying you enough time for you and Endrick to finish your task. By Ao’s Beard! We were so close to getting off this Ao-Foresaken place. The Red Pillar is not more than 50 steps up the path. You and Endrick were so far ahead of these fiends after completing your objective, you stopped to catch your breath while you WALKED to the pillar. Now, you may all die right here, right now.

CONCENTRATE! You think to yourself.

Endrick finishes his incantation and you begin yours. You can sense Enrick looking over his shoulder at the battle. Later he would tell you that some of the defenders were “winking in and out of existence”, but they were holding their ground.

Finally you finish and a clap of thunder knocks everyone back a few feet. Looking down on the stone altar you see nothing more than a ring of dust and ash. By the blessing of Ao, the incantations worked! Quickly you and Endrick race to the battle.

The defenders can barely hold up. Between the onslaught of fiends and their inability to remain on this plane, they are starting to lose the fight. “Go!” you shout, “We’ll take it from here!”

One by one they wink out of existence for good. The strange humanoid approaches and hands you your most prized possession back, your blade, the Holy Avenger of the One God, that you lent him for the fight. Then he is gone.

You and Endrick clean up the remaining fiends while you gradually make your way back to the pillar and escape back to Decius.

Ao be praised.

Triton 714 Flashbacks

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