Un'Goro Dreams of Owls

Scourge Ambush

Session #11 (3rd Age)

As the Sea Word tosses and rolls on the waves, you drift off to sleep. Before you do you go back to that owl you saw after you exited the Tempest Swarm pirate base on Jagged Isle. Where did it go? Where is it from? Why was it watching us?

In your dream you shape change into a hawk and follow the owl, soaring high into the air on a moonlit night and into the clouds. Suddenly the owl goes into a dive, piercing the cloud cover until it comes upon an open field. It perches upon a wooden fence. You hear a ‘thump-thump-thump’ getting louder and louder. You follow the gaze of the owl and see an army of humanoids marching in perfect unison. The moonlight reflects off their armor and as they approach you see that they are dragon-like men. Hundreds of them and they are getting closer. You look back at the owl and he is starring right at you.

“You shouldn’t be here.”

Then you wake up.

Arethrion Elves Breakout

Session #13 (3rd Era)

The owl appears, looking at you quizzically. You jump to your feet and the owl takes to flight as you follow. The two of your soar over a mountain range, over water, and over another mountain range to a bay.

The two of you swoop down low, just over two warships plunging through the ice filled waters. The cracks and snaps of the breaking ice in the ice cold frigid waters, shows the intent and determination of the warships with the Brotherhood logo waving in the air.

The owl circles around and flies inland, soaring higher into the sky. A handful of black dots are seen on the white sheets of snow. The owl banks and dives again. The black dots turn into a dozen Brotherhood soliders, the crunch of snow beneath their feet can be heard as they sprint in one direction.

Flying ahead of them you see a snow elf, female, running as fast as she can over the snow. She is slowed by something in her hands. A young boy she is carrying.

The whiz of several arrows fly overhead, followed by a deep thump as one strikes the elf in the back. She crumples to the ground, careful not to harm the boy.

The soldiers arrive, huffing and puffing as their breath turns to steam in the cold air. The two are separated, and a soldier points to the two of them.

“Kill. Keep.”

The soldiers kill the woman, and take the boy with them as they trudge back to the bay towards the warships.


King of the Hill Tournament

Session #14 (3rd Era)

You dream, and the owl returns on a dark, moonlit night. Instinctively you take to the air and follow as the owl beckons you. You soar high into the air above the clouds leaving the capital city behind you. The owl glances over his shoulder to make sure you are following before he plunges back through the clouds. Now you see a lake in the hills and you are close on the tail of the owl who just barely skims the surface of the lake. You take a quick glance at the water and see that you are actually a hawk. A red hawk.

The forest edge is just ahead of you and you both pull up to fly over them, then the owl circles a clearing where someone stands. The owl descends and lands on his shoulder. You feel like you know this person somehow.


He is the Lord of the Hunt. He gazes deep into your eyes and somehow shows you a vision, within this vision you are having.

An evil creature to the forest is loose. A humanoid with dark green bark and tendrils lashed around his body is corrupting the forest. You must put a stop to him; destroy him and his Root Tree. The Lord of the Hunt is putting you to a test. He is near this location.

Cerioth Hatchery Liberation

Session #15 (3rd Era)

You are heartbroken.

The Lord of the Hunt, whoever or whatever that is, gave you a task and you did not complete it. Although you know nothing about him, he does seem to epitomize neutrality and nature qualities. He is the voice of the land, mother nature, and he tasked you to remove a vile and vicious plague upon the land and you let him down.

You are depressed about this. It reminded you of your first dealing with humans in Elon. Everyone dismissed you as a savage orc. Slowly, over time, you were able to demonstrate your skills and passion for nature, and eventually you won them over. But those times were tough, and at times you thought about giving up.

The next night you dream but the owl doesn’t show. Nor does he the next night, or the next, or the next. Perhaps the Lord of the Hunt gave you one and only one chance, and you failed.

Like Clockwork

Session #16 (3rd Era)

You experience another dream vision. Once again you are a red hawk soaring high over Decius and beyond the Styth Mountains, constantly scanning the horizon in hopes of spotting the owl that is tied to the Lord of the Hunt. And as always, you are disappointed.

But something catches your eye.

Near the fork of a river, in a wooden area, just north of the large mountain range. A large brown bear dashes through the woods, chasing something? Wait! No, being chased. What could scare the might brown bear?

You circle around for another look and find the brown bear standing on its back two legs. It seems to be reaching into bag for something. It’s the Bearfolk! Like the one you saw back on Jagged Isle.

It pulls something from the sack, something alive and large. The sack flittering from the movement of whatever it is.

Satisfied he carefully shoves it back in the sack and the bearfolk continues along. He is without weapon or armor, but this is no ordinary bear as he runs across a field of shrubs.

The shrubs and plants start to…shimmer. Similar to when a snake slithers through the grass, parting a path.

The bearfolk catches his foot on something. He pulls and pulls but he can’t free himself. Vines emerge from the ground and coil around him, restraining his arms and legs. Circling around you now see a dozen tendril puppets surrounding the captive bear. Then out of nowhere, he appears.

The Vine Lord.

The tendril puppets retrieve the sack from the now furious bearfolk and hand it over to the Vine Lord. He opens it and pulls out a giant bee for a second a pushes it back in. He waves his hands at the puppets and they gather the bearfolk up in the vines and drag him back to wherever they came from, somewhere in that forest.

He needs our help.

The Red Hawk of your vision soars high over the land, like your heart after you finally defeated the Vine Lord once and for all. Nature is at peace and balance is restored. You have fulfilled your destiny.

You swoop down low, just skimming over the tree tops, picking up speed and you come to the northern tip of Decius. A tall figure stands on the ground, looking right at you.

You glide in to get a closer look. It is the Lord of the Hunt. He stands motionless and expressionless. Landing on a nearby branch he finally moves. He points north, over the sea. Turning in that direction you see nothing by water. Then you are flying incredibly fast, screaming across the water, then over land, over a mountain range to the snowy north. You plunge to the earth at an incredible speed, straight into a field of pure, white snow.

But something is wrong here. You slow to a hover. Black smoke circles around you, people are running and screaming. A white dragon swoops right past you, hunting down some people running for their lives across the snow.

These people are getting slaughtered. They need your help. The Arethrion Elves are being pushed to extinction. It is not a question of if, but when.

Un'Goro Dreams of Owls

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