Unlocked Knowledge

Unlocked Knowledge are things the Champions of Elon have learned during the Age of Exploration. These are things that will become available to the PCs in this and future eras.

Session #2 (2nd Era) – From the halflings of Odenburg

  • Bard Class
  • Agriculture
  • Locks
  • Thieves Tools

Session #3 (2nd Era) – From the Elves of the Talenth Forest

  • Bows

Session #4 (2nd Era) – From the Holy City of Southwatch

  • Cleric class

- From the Galadinthar Elves

  • Wizard class

Session #5 (2nd Era) – From the Followers of the Scourge and the Ancient Believers of Ao:

  • Warlock Class

- From Skyland

  • Architecture
  • Winches and pulleys
  • Exotic Weapons (halbreds and glaives)
  • Sea navigation
  • Through a handful of things, most notably the Field Notes of Vaddix Aquillius, the notion that the world is a much bigger, and older place than previously thought.


Unlocked Knowledge

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