Vaul Marsh

The Vaul Marsh is a swamp on the northeast corner of Brind-Amor. Until recently it was ruled over by a lizardman king, Mazdaloq. When the Champions of Elon liberated the humans in the swamp, Mazdaloq was killed by them.

Strange arcane fluctuations could be felt by those who are Enchanted. One moment it spikes as if one was right next to The Pillar, and then the next moment it was completely gone, as if no arcane energy was present.


Session #2 (2nd Era) – The Champions of Elon liberated the humans on this area by slaying Mazdaloq, king of the lizardmen.


Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – The nearby Dwarves of the Dwynnen Hills plan are trying to clear out some of the evilness out of the Vaul Marsh.

Vaul Marsh

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