Warrior of the Woods

Either a myth or a sliver of truth surrounded by lore, the Warrior of the Woods is an alleged solo defender of the wooded areas within the fractured states of Decius.

Some claim that he is an fighter from the distant past, while others claim him to be a high druid who recently relocated here. The Warrior of the Woods is said to show up when the forests are threatened from as the eastern most points of the Ilthor Kingdom to the now Aqium dominated area of the former Kingdom of Dolaneg.

Those that said they have seen him describe him as an older man with the strength and determination of an army, who wields a two-handed sword shrouded in leaves and vines.. He has been rumored to clear out a forest of undead servants of Aqium one day and repelling orcish invaders in the Alimlar Domain the next.

No one has ever gotten close to this warrior, none know his real name, his intentions, or his background. He remains a mystery.


Warrior of the Woods

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