Wilhik Rovelcast

A noted gnomish scholar who work for the Decius Empire for decades as the foremost expert of Pillar technology. He has since retired to Geargrind Island in the Styrc Isles and lives in the tranquil paradise of Binable.


The Styrc Isles – Session #10 – Wilhik first spotted the senior officers of the Sea Word as they waiting for repairs to their ship. Knowing they were foreigners, Wilhik asked if they had ever seen a Pillar before. They replied yes, but not how Wilhik described. The only ones they have seen were blue while the only ones Wilhik had seen were red. Triton showed a picture from the Field Journal he carries and the both discovered that the two colors seem to overlap at one point at least.


The conversation continued with both sides learning something new. Wilhik learned that the officers have seen the interior of some of their blue pillars, and here they shared one symbol in common. Helios, followed by the number “1”. Wilhik has seen this inside red pillars within the Decius Empire.


Wilhik has never seen the symbols Triton described as being inside the blue pillars (except for Helios) and he taught the group the letters he has seen in the red pillars.


Next they talked about artifacts that are somehow linked to the Pillars. Apparently both blue and red pillars are associated with artifacts and Wilhik added that the Decius Empire is ruled by Emperor Gavenius who wields a weapons known as Last Rites, which comes from a red pillar.


Last Wilhik mentioned that the Decius Empire has about a dozen known pillars, though he does not know who built them or why, but he suspects they predate our time.

Session #11 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word returned to Binable to visit Wilhik and ask about the Slave Branding that Captain Jaffe experienced. He had no knowledge of what it was or how to cure it. Next they showed him the Jewel of the Pillar they recovered from the Aluredes shipwreck. He has no knowledge of a Pillar in the Styrc Isles but had always suspected one was here, base on the general layout of them throughout the world. Last, Triton showed him a picture from the Field Journal and asked if Wilhik knew where this one was.


Wilhik hadn’t, in fact he didn’t know blue pillars existed, but he thought it might be on the Aqium continent.

Wilhik Rovelcast

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