Zatha is a coastal city that was recently part of the Alimlar Domain, very close to the Aqium controlled lands of former Dolaneg. Now, Zatha is under control of Aqium.


Goods traveling to and from the Alimlar capital of Anavio usually flow through Zatha and on the seas for transportation. Zatha is also home to one of the handful of noble houses in Decius, and Lord Adriel Chespian is his house’s current leader.


Session #23 (4th Era) – Upon arrival it was learned that the Legion of Aqium has already invaded and taken over the city of Zatha. Corvus Septum managed to smuggle Todrick and Emily Chespian out of town and to the Nightingale. They also managed to remove Asori Nemat from his position within the Legion of Aqium, and replace him with a fellow agent, Hendrick Zin.


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