The Epic Campaign will cover thousands of years, broken up into separate eras, each of which we will play out. We will start this campaign in a primitive time; weapons are made of stone, armor is mostly leather, divine magic is shamanistic, and arcane magic is very limited. You will begin as nomadic humans, the Red Hawk Tribe, searching for a place to call home. Through this era you the players, will establish the course of the world; create new classes, forge new relationships with other races, form government, shape religion, launch arcane studies, and build your world to the future.

1st Era
Prologue – And so it begins…
Red Hawk Retreat – Session #1
Stone Age to Exploration Age – Transition from 1st to 2nd Era

2nd Era
Age of Exploration – Session #2
Age of Exploration Pt 2 – Session #3
Halfway around the World – Session #4
Homeward Bound – Session #5
A Prelude to War – between Sessions 5 & 6
The Battle of Nigrum-Ursus – Sessions 6 & 7
A United Brind-Amor – Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era

3rd Era
Voyage into the Great Sea- Session #8
The Styrc Isles – Session #9
The Styrc Isle, pt 2 – Session #10
Scourge Ambush – Session #11
Battle of Geargrind Island – Session #12
Arethrion Elves Breakout – Session #13
King of the Hill Tournament – Session #14
Dragon Hatchery – Session #15
Like Clockwork – Session #16
Into the Citadel – Session #17
Northern Decius – Session #18
Central Aqium – Session #19
Fortress of the Ur Mage – Session #20
The End of the Third Era – Session #21
The Start of the Great War – Transition from 3rd to 4th Era

4th Era
Operation Dunbar Island – Session #22
Operation Zatha – Session #23
Battle of Anavio – Session #24
Battle of Anavio – Part 2 – Session #25
Operation Stator Mines – Session #26
Operation Dispel – Session #27
North – Session #28

The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

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