The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

Faded Memory
4th Era - Session #33

Stuff and things happened





















Enter Aqium
4th Era - Session #32

Gruk appeared, Brenna released him. He makes mention of an impending attack before passing out. Morthos will relay message when available.

Report back from Bliss

CS prepares to go through red pillar, Brodus first. Had to clear it out.


Come out into what they later learn to be central Aqium, near the town of Yatra. Only lights on are the tavern


No big deal, ushered to the back, see some of the locals. Orcs from the Sengo Mines bust in, cause trouble. A fight breaks out.


the female halfling slips out of the tavern during fight, but PCs capture male. His name in Pimric, and in exchange for staying out of trouble, he takes them to his cousin’s house. Pcs kick in the door, find a messenger bottle inside. Pimric takes them to his house, and they meet Primrose Goodburrow, who they knew was an potential agent that they could have hired.

They learn she was hired by the Abyssal Blades and had a mission here. She explains that the Blackstryke brothers are working on mass creating golems. They get their supplies from the mines, both salt and stone. PCs radio back to HQ, they are told the Wizard Tower is the priority, and the mines are secondary.

PCs head out and find two golems fighting each other. Later they learn the two brothers mind-melded into the golems to practice fight.


PCs enter the tower, see that the weapons in the hands of the statues are moveable. Everyone immediately goes off in different directions.


The ancient Aqium room is explored as is the kitchen, where an unseen servant prepares stew. Brodus follows the bowls to the living room and finds bone keys and a book


Two more rooms are explored, including a library with notes on golems and notes on a species called demons, slaads, and whatnot. Possible enemies of the Scourge? These notes were thrown into a back room.

Also, other PCs opened a crypt of the two wizards’s father and arose a death knight. Brodus gets banished but the DK loses concentration and he is brought back. They kill him,


Waverly gets hit by the blades from the lever trap.
PCs solve the puzzle by moving the statue weapons around to open up the 2nd floor. They walk through the layer of water. Next room, they get zapped (soaking wet) by electric pillars. They race to a room and open it with the bone keys before they get zapped again.

They come across the bedrooms, the second library, the creation room, and the broken ledge where the wizards say and controlled the golems. Up the stairs (thanks to another lever) to a teleportation room


PCs got teleported around as they fought dread warriors before finishing them off for good.

Citadel Portals
Session #31

Corvus Septum woke up and were first greeted with a handful of messages from the bottle from their agents.

Bliss – Was looking into the missing agent in Kinrick and reported that she got arrested by the Legion of Aqium as they too seemed to be looking for this missing agent and whatever item they possessed. Bliss was finally released, along with others, and began working in one of the local taverns in town. She asked how she should proceed.

Stath – Investigated the small town of Snakefalls which seemed to be ground zero of a campaign of acceptance for Astriminar the Lich, for what he had done in ridding the world of the Scourge. Stath reported back that the vocal uprising was not caused by Aqium influence, but rather from free-thinking, rational people of the town. Stath asked if he should eliminate the leadership of their organization or not.

Lar – Hired a team to assist him as they looked for the second temple of the ancient Khete-Tymir civilization. He reported that he had made progress in the evidence in the discovery of a old roadway system.

After responses were sent back, Corvus took stock of where they were in the ruins of the Citadel. They had already obtained the Blue and Green Infusing Stones, a handful of liquid silver, and found that a missing candlestick could open a secret passage in the alter room. The group decided to investigate the basement sewers.


After working through the arcane locks on the main gate, and alerting everything on this level. The group ran into a couple of Banelings, which are beetles that explode in a rain of acid. Later, they ran into a swarm of them


In this rocky, difficult-to-impossible terrain, the group found in the missing candlestick. In the hands of an ink devil who flicked the mark of Asmodeus on to Brodus. After the fight, Burpuller burnt one of his 3rd level spells to cast remove curse and save the minotaur.



After investigating a room with a crude pentagram scrawled into the stone, the group proceeded through the fire trap. A conveyor belt pushed them back and they were blocked by lemurs, while










Return to The Citadel
4th Era - 30th Session

Corvus Septum spends the next two weeks in Arabona, recuperating from the battle and helping restore the city. You are surprised to hear that Chancellor Gavin is in town and wants to speak with you. He congratulates to your efforts here and is happy to see Rigel is better.

You have certainly served Decius well in this war and it is time for additional responsibilities. You should have your own agents that work under you. I will provide you with a list of smaller side missions and it will be your job to give them out to your agents as you see fit. They will report back to you and will have their own Message Bottles to stay connected with you. Here is a list of candidates I think will be suitable for the job. There will be no interview process as we need to keep this a secret. You will need to choose three of these.

Stath Cloudhelm (Human male fighter) – You have worked with him before in Dunbar. He provided transportation for you from Dunbar to Zatha and he arrested Terribeth of the Red Sisters in order to replace her with Ethne. Stath is very low key, able to blend in as a local in various locations.

Lar Morningsun (human male wizard) – Another person you have worked with, he was our inside contact in Fort Rifugio who Evaine spoke with just outside the Misty Moon Inn. He left the stashes for you around the city as you rescued Morthos. He works well alone and has a great network of connections for arcane supplies.

Hendrick Zin (human male rogue) – He is currently acting as Asori Nemat of the Legion of Aqium and is stationed in Zatha. He aided Ethne while she was in town on her solo mission and has mentioned that Aqium suspicions of a traitor in the midst have been on the rise lately. Hendrick is loyal and has a good understating of how the Legion operates.

Captain Cimris (Kenku male rogue) – Captain of the Nightingale pirate ship, he has aided us in the past as well transporting Ethne to Zatha as well as taking Todrick and Emily Chespian to safety. He has sailed all over the world and has managed to evade capture and seizure many times.

Rhoghar (dragonborn male fighter) – On loan to you from Legate Emeka of Anavio. He is strong, dedicated, and follows orders well. Perhaps he is a wasted asset following you around.

Flickton Tumblebyte (Gnome male rogue) – A curious choice no doubt, but the owner of the Tumblebyte Circus and Extravaganza does get around the continent a lot and has connections in every city. Possible great information broker.

Primrose Goodburrow (Halfling female rogue) – From the town of Odenburg in Brind-Amor. She arrived here a few years ago and I’ve sent her out on a couple of fact gathering missions. Very charismatic, very unsuspecting, and she gets the job done.

Janna Maerseer (Elf female wizard) – Another individual from Brind-Amor, Janna came her years ago to study arcane magics and is a renowned researcher in that field. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and research from her homeland with the Galadinthar Elves.

Mikael Netherford (Human male cleric) – Grandson of Mayor Nicholas Netherford, who was a part of The Arisen organization that first led the rebellion against the former Emperor. Mikael is well received throughout Decius and carries a good amount of clout with his followers.

Bliss (Tiefling female bard) – Famous performer throughout Decius and has actually performed in Aqium before the start of the Great War. Attractive and stunning, she has swayed the minds of men for a long time.

Marlumin (Half-Elf, male druid) – One of the leading druids of Decius, he has a unique ability to focus on the entire continental ecosystem instead of just his realm of the forests. He is well known and respected and he has connections with the Shields of Autumn.

Senrith A’Daris (Drow elf, male, monk/rogue) – This one is admittedly a long-shot but I have heard that the Aqium superspy has suffered a falling out with his commanders lately and could offer his services up to the highest bidder.

The group discussed this for some time and decided to go with Stath Cloudhelm, Bliss, and Lar Morningsun.


Chancellor Gavin made arrangements to contract these three and immediately gave Corvus four missions to dole out to their agents:

No Contact: We have lost communications with another agent we have in Kinrick. She was holding a very valuable item that was to be picked up by HQ. When our courier arrived, she was nowhere to be found.

Bring Him Home: We have an important individual who needs our help, unfortunately he lives just inside the Aqium border, east of Anavio. An agent will need to sneak across the border and bring this individual back into the Alimlar Domain.

Dissention: A small town near the border between Alimlar and Aqium has been making a lot of noise about welcoming the Legion of Aqium into the town. An Agent will need to find out why and put a stop to this.

Second Temple: Based on your information from your excursion in the Durn Khete-Tymir ruins, we have an idea where the second temple might be located. An Agent will need to look into this further to find its location and possible scout it out.

Having four missions and only three agents, the group had to decide which one to skip out on. Reluctantly the decided to forgo the Bring Him Home mission. The other missions were assigned as follows:

No Contact – Bliss (Medium risk/reward)
Dissention – Stath Cloudhelm (Medium risk/reward)
Second Temple – Lar Morningsun (Medium risk/reward)

A couple of days later, Chancellor Gavin spoke to you again about your next mission:

Morthos feels like he is close to a solution with the leftover arcane magics from the Robes of the Fallen. The artifact he could create would be a boon for us and a strike against Astriminar himself. You will need to escort the arcane researcher into Aqium lands to the ruins of the old Citadel. The Galerius Brotherhood of the 3rd Era, not only used The Citadel as a training ground for its fighters, but a great deal of research and experiments were conducted here. In fact, heroes of old absconded with the artifact known as the Crown of Shadows while it was here. Morthos believes everything he needs to complete his project lay in the ruins of The Citadel.

The following day, Corvus Septum set out with Morthos to travel to the ruins of The Citadel. A few hours later the group passed the broken bridge that is now undergoing permanent repair from the hastily made patch-up done right before the attack on the behest of Corvus Septum. The same workers were seen huddled around a small fire eating meager food. Seems like a great opportunity for Corvus to show their appreciation for these workers for their help in the battle, but no. Corvus Septum just walked right by them.

The Tower of the Rose, where Corvus fought and killed a Naina Dragon, was under construction and they met the new owner of the Tower, Symus Azzo. Symus is a collector of exquisite items and he was delighted to give them a quick tour of the Tower. Corvus walked passed many strange and exotic items including a mechanical dog, a forearm of a warforged, and what he proclaims as the First spellbook ever created written by Quirre of Arzak, several thousands of years ago.


Symus had a proposition for the group. He is in need of people with their skill set, to acquire items for him of which he will pay handsomely for. One in particular is an item called, The Horn of Winter. Symus would later say that it is far to the north in Ramicus. Most recent mention of the Horn of Winter comes from a song written by a dwarven bard named Thaygrum Aleborn. Corvus looked at each other, knowing that same bard was rumored to have died in the lair of Kathaydus the White alongside the Lute of Soothing, which they just recovered to help Rigel 108 and his ceremony to rid the curse of the Robes of the Fallen.

Symus offered a reward of 5,000 gp for it. Evaine (Eleanora?) countered with the mechanical dog instead. A deal was never reached, but Symus hoped to work with the group in the future.

By the end of the first night of travel, the group reached Roth Point, which was the staging area for the Nosiriath Warriors during the early stages of the battle. A few of the locals gave friendly waves to Corvus as they passed through town, all except one. A woman spat and cursed them for, killing my husband! Sebni was a good man who never harmed you, or you, or you. And I will have my revenge! The locals pulled Helena away and tried to calm her down.

From here travel entered the hills which was full of bad omens starting with cultures circling overhead.


Soon Corvus reached the same pitched bridge where they got ambushed last time. Brenna flew over the area and spotted an abandoned wagon on the far side. Carefully, she went down and investigate but found nothing. Nervously the group crossed the bridge and continued on.

As the group reached the mountains they stopped for a mid day meal near some ancient ruins. But their food was spoiled, all of it. Water in canteens evaporated instantly, and Morthos had a bad feeling about this place and urged everyone to leave immediately.


A few days later, Morthos would reveal that he think that some evil and powerful creature lived nearby as creatures of that magnitude are know to cause great and terrible effects on the land around them.

Corvus Septum neared their destination as they began their descent from the mountains, passing through a narrow canyon. The ground rattled with a loud thud as a mountain troll dropped in behind them to attack.


Everyone was able to avoid succumbing to the stomp attack, but Eleanora got kicked back 20-feet one time. Ethne was able to deliver the killing blow, saving the day.

From a good vantage point in the hills, the group could see the remains of the Citadel, and could stop two entrances to what remained of the complex. A main entrance and a side tunnel.


The group chose the tunnel and discovered an entrance that seemed to have come about after the destruction of the former Brotherhood stronghold. The first room they came to was filled with rubble and debris, with all the doors boarded up and barricaded shut.


The group plowed forward and found a room partially submerged in what seemed like shallow water, only to discover a handful of nihilistic zombies emerge from the pool. Later it would be learned that they served an ancient aboleth far below this structure.


Here Burpuller surveys the complex to see where to go next.


Another room was charred and singed with four undead creatures, two skeletons on fire and two skeletons with four arms each.


In a far corner of this level the group found a sewer entrance that would later be learned that leads to a level of strange happenings down there. Also, one of the items needed by Morthos (Blue Infusing Stone) was found in this room.


This was a strange room. The climate had been changed to a humid jungle, filled with undead from the continent of Xilo, including a creature they kept throwing up on Eleanora.


Once this level was cleared up (although the group would need to return when they found the missing candlestick from the altar) they crept up the stairs to the next level, coming out in the storage room.


Here was partial battlement area that had been taken over by a tribe of orcs. The battle raged inside the partial fortress…


and on top of the fortress.


Burpuller got dropped at one point but the crew managed to save the day.


But not before one of the orcs escaped the warn the others.


I’m pretty sure the group returned to the Undead level to rest up before pushing on. The saga continues in Citadel Portals.

Retaking of Arabona
4th Era - 29th Session

Corvus Septum returned to Khirn Doral and preparations were made to get them up to speed on their role in the attack to retake Arabona. The plan is for them to head out a day ahead of the main force and secure certain areas around Arabona.

The group was dropped off not far from shore and they made their way into the small fishing town. Rigel 108 snuck up and took out a guard on patrol.


Evaine and Brodus moved to a corner and spotted another guard up on a balcony.


As Rigel and Waverly turned the corner, hetook out the guard by the bell, while she fired two shots on the balcony guard, both misses. Evaine took him out from her position. Off screen, Brenna was making her way to the guard atop the building next to the unlit brazier.


Burpuller circled around and took out another guard who just came out on a house.


Evaine flew up to the unlit brazier and with the help of Brenna, they took out the last guard before any alarms could be raised. The group informed the bleary eye villagers that the invasion was to take place in the morning.

From here the group headed off to the Tower of the Rose to clear it out. When they reached it they found a dilapidated, run-down tower, with just a tiny flicker of light from the top.


Waverly, Ethne, and Rigel trudged up the stairs to find an old woman sitting down, eating dinner. Ethne informed her that the Warriors of Nosiriath would need to use this abandoned tower, in preparations for the retaking of Arabona. The old lady set down her knife and pushed the plate of raw meat away. No. The Tower of the Rose will not be used tonight. Please show yourselves out.


Ethne insisted and started to feel like something was wrong. After the heroes failed to heed a second warning the old lady lept over the side of the tower, only to rise back up as a Naina.


The fight was difficult as the dragon constantly circled the perimeter around the top of the tower. Brodus, who had just came up the stairs, was dominated and sent away. Burpuller popped up from time to time during the battle to offer healing to those taking damage up top. Rigel and Waverly both used their residium to coat their ranged weapons in hopes of dealing actual damage to the beast.

Eventually the dropped the beast and cleared the tower for use during the attack.

The heroes pressed on towards Arabona in search for the entrance to the caves below the city. But before they did they cam across a partially collapsed bridge. A bridge that would be crossed by the Nosiriath warriors soon as they marched on the city.


Nearby were some unmotivated workers from Arabona. They had been sent out by the new leaders of the captured city, and they were less than enthused to be working on this in the middle of the night. Someone, I think it was Brodus (?), gave a great speech and motivated the workers to repair this bridge now as help was on the way.

The heroes reached the ruins of the old Temple of Ao on the outskirts of the city and quickly found the secret trapdoor to the caves below the city. But as they entered, they were caught surprised by a handful of dust goblins.


The goblins poked out from around every corner, pelting the heroes who ranged weapons, drawing them deeper in the complex and spreading them out.


Soon the heroes found themselves in the central chamber, where even more of the goblins appeared out of nowhere to attack.


They even appeared on narrow walkways above them.


The group pressed on, deeper and deeper into the caverns.


Frustrated, Brodus barreled his way into the final chamber, through a narrow corridor.


The group emerged to a silent and empty rook, they were finally no longer under attack from the dust goblins.


Then the rocks began to rumble and shudder, a wasteland dragon wyrmling, that was previously mistaken for the pile of rocks, raised its head and breathed acid down on the heroes. Seconds later, the room filled with more dust goblins.


But once their leader, the wasteland dragon was put down, the remaining goblins scurried down the exits, never to be seen again.

The heroes looked at the seven exits from this room and caught a faint whiff of fresh air down the correct tunnel, leading them to the surface where they would light the flare signaling to their army that they had completed their tasks.

But above the bridge they came out under, they could hear the sounds of marching. Brenna’s raven was sent up and they saw a handful of Aqium soldiers marching towards Arabona led by a Bearfolk Chieftain. They set up their own ambush on the bridge.


Brenna through down Hungar of Hadar and killed most of the guards instantly. The bearfolk pulled two of the guards with him back off of the bridge. One of them turned out to be a battlemage, who casts Ice Storm on the heroes. the heroes pressed forward and caught up with the Aqium soldiers just off the bridge where they were able to finish them off.


The flare was set off and soon the battle was underway.

The heroes were given command over a small area of the war and successfully orchestrated attacks on the Aqium side of the wall while preventing counter attacks by them. Causalities were high, but in the end they prevailed and the warriors of Nosiriath had reclaimed the city of Arabona from the Legion of Aqium.


4th Era - 28th Session

Corvus Septum put as much distance as they could between themselves and Commander Vahlen’s troops from Fort Rifugio. Once they felt they were safe, Brodus found a set of ancient ruins for them to hide out for a bit while Morthos communicated with Chancellor Gavin at HQ.

While they were waiting, a group of bandits wandered by. Corvus Septum darted out of the ruins and slew them before they could speak. One of the six managed to get away.


Morthos wraps up communication with HQ, and gives the group the news:

Chancellor Gavin and I agree that we must pull out all the stops on this one. There are others that can greatly swing probabilities into our favor. The Holy Warriors of the Nosiriath Realm. Today, we start a trek to Pella’s Wish to seek the aid of Triton 714.

Commander Vahlen sent out scout teams in all directions hoping to find the group them infiltrated his fort and rescued Morthos. One of those teams found them a planned out an ambush on the bridge, charging in from both sides as the group was in the middle.


The battle was kicked off by an Aqium wizard, shrouded in flames, casting fireball at the heroes.

Poor Evaine got stuck in the rear, thanks to some clever maneuvering from Brenna, and the gnome was quickly overrun by two guards and a charging minotaur, and was dropped. Ethne managed to swings around to administer a healing potion to save her after two death save fails. The Aqium wizard gots dropped but continues to burn well after death, nothing to be recovered off of him.

The following day they ran into the traveling salesman Mort and Sons. Both sides haggle back and forth. Brodus notices a sweet hat one of the scrawny sons was wearing and buys it from him for a single gold piece. Little did he knows that it was a minor magical item. In the end, the group buys some healing potions as well as the Keoghtum Ointment.


In the afternoon of the next day, the crew was heading up a narrow mountain pass when they saw a giant rock take out a goat just up ahead. Brenna sent her raven out for scouting and discovered a Stone Giant about 150-feet up the mountain side, sitting back, drinking mead, and throwing rocks at random targets, and laughing. The group decided to dart or sneak past him.

Rigel made it.
Waverly made it.
Brenna made it.
Ethne made it.
Brodus got hit once, stumbled, but eventually made it.
Evaine….not so much. The gnome mystic was hit dead center with a rock and tumbled down the mountain side, dropping to just 6 HPs. She managed to climb her way back up the mountain and back to the others. The stone giant got a good laugh out of this.


Just a day out of Pella’s Wish the group came to a long oak tree alongside the trail and from here, Brodus investigated a thrashing sound coming from nearby bushes. It was a horse, still hitched to a wagon, tangled up in the bushes. Near this was a campsite. The rest of the group came over to investigate and found two dead bodies and drag marks. The trail led to a hastily assembled altar, and here was a dead boy bleed dry, and a young female holding a serrated dagger. In her pocket was a note:


A day out of Pella’s Wish you will come across an oak tree standing by itself along the road in a forest of pine trees. Convince your family to camp there for the night. Take care of your father and mother, then bring your brother to us. Then and only then will you be welcomed to your new family of the Red Sisters.

- The Maiden

The group was able to piece together all the clues. Young Abigail was set to join the Red Sisters and was told to do it here. She poisoned her father (Father Isaac) and stabbed her mother. She knocked her little brother out and together with the Red Sisters, dragged him over to the altar they quickly made. Abigail started to have second thoughts about this and turned on the Red Sisters, who killed her. The Red Sisters continued along with their ritual, bleeding out here little brother.


Sixteen days after Rigel donned the Robes of the Fallen, the group arrived in Pella’s Wish. Triton 714 and the rest of the Holy Warriors were expecting them and Triton came out to greet the group.


While Triton and Morthos went aside to discuss how to proceed, the group had time to see some of the highlights of the mountain town.

Brightblade Barracks – training and housing facility for Paladins stationed here, named after Lord Endrick Brightblade

Shrine of Ao – A three-story high church, very elaborate architecture, large statue of Ao on top. Small statue of Elemiah, First Quill of the Sacred Writings, out front

Shack of the First Quill – the original home that Pella (later Elemiah) grew up in. Ropes in place to prevent anyone from entering.

Triton and Morthos returned with a plan. The group would travel to the northern continent of Ramicus to the dwarven city of Khirn Doral, and here is where they will perform the rituals needed to lift the curse from Rigel.

It was a three-day trek from Pella’s Wish to the coastal fishing town of Varksa. Along the way the group got a little more sense of the lifestyle of the Nosiriath Realm. Thanks to the widespread faith in Ao, it was like everyone was on the same page. There was a great deal of respect for the Holy Warriors from the citizens, and a strong bond of protection from the warriors to its citizens. Religious rituals were observed along the way automatically.


In Varksa, the entourage board The Conviction, and sailed north to Khirn Doral. From the docks of the dwarven kingdom they were whisked into the mountain city and taken directly to a War Council meeting. Presiding over this was dwarven king, Karrig Thror, leader of the Dhirnamor Dwarves, and Justicar Aneasar representing the faith of Ao.


Corvus was able to witness the strong relationship between the dwarves and the humans. The humans are devote followers of Ao and the dwarves intensely revere Law and Order. The two groups are not exactly alike, but it is easy to see the common grounds.



The talk of the war meeting centered around the battle plans that Corvus Septum recently stole from Fort Rifugio, specifically they were planning to retake the city of Arabona from the Legion of Aqium. As the meeting was wrapping up, Triton was allowed to speak about the situation concerning Rigel. Both the dwarven king and the High Priest of Ao were saddened to hear the news but both pressed that the group had bigger matters to attend to and that those plans could not be derailed for one person. Triton pounded the table and gave an impassionate speech about duty and honor in the eyes of Ao and convinced the two leaders to allow him to head up efforts to save Rigel.

Triton and Morthos gathered the group together to explain the plan to save Rigel. Rigel could read from either the Book of Exalted Deeds or the Book of Vile Darkness, in the process the book would vanish from this location only to appear elsewhere in the world. The Exalted Deeds was a difficult read, but carried with it less severe penalties for failure. The Vile Darkness was an easier read, but brought with it harsh penalties for failure.


Rigel 108 thought about this a chose the Book of Exalted Deeds. Morthos and Triton would begin to prepare the chamber where the reading would take place and gave the heroes a list of tasks they could complete in the next few days that could help Rigel in the reading.

First: There is a plant called Artic Briar that can be prepared like tea and when you drink it, it will help stabilize your mental fortitude when you read. It only grows in the mountains.

Second: A local dwarven bard by the name of Thaygrin Aleborn possessed a magical item known as the Lute of Soothing. It is known to calm feelings in those who listen. If it is played in the background during your reading, it will help maintain your emotions. Thaygrin led an expedition of adventurers north of here to the lair of Kathaydus the White, where he believed that he could tame the dragon. That was eight months ago.

Third: There is a warrior spirit that lives north of here called Milja who wears a Headband of Intellect. See if she would be willing to let you borrow it for the reading. Milja is Valkyrie who constantly looks to test her prowess in battle against others.

Corvus Septum set out the following day to recover as much as they could before time ran out. Blizzard conditions rolled into the region, limiting visibility and hindering their search.


At the end of the first day the group found Milja, the Valkyrie. She was badly injured from a recent encounter. Ethne healed her up and the group explained the situation. Milja was in no condition to fight and the group wisely accepted that and instead offered to go after whoever did this to here. Milja says it was the Ice Maiden nearby who nearly defeated her along with her pack of winter wolves.


The group headed to the direction the Valkyrie pointed and before they knew it they were ambushed by the Ice Maiden and her wolves.


The Ice Maiden was fierce opponent, able to turn invisible each round at will. Her flaw was attacking Brodus as an attack of opportunity and making herself visible for an entire round. That was enough for the heroes the slay her on the spot.


The group returned to Milja and showed here evidence of their kill. Milja handed over the Headband and wished they good fortune.

Continuing along their search at the end of the second day the group found the lair of Kathaydus the White. As the entered the snow cave they saw an ice mephit who quickly radioed in to the white dragon that her lair had been breached. The group sensed that she would return soon.


The group split into two to cover more ground. Rigel, Brenna, and Brodus fought and handful of yeti in the next chamber


Meanwhile the gnomes and Waverly stumbled right into one of the five treasure troves in cave complex. Luck was on their side as they immediately found the Lute of Soothing. The signal was given and the group dashed out of the lair well before Kathaydus could return.

Near the end of the third day the group climbed into the mountain and found the Artic Briar plant they sought. But as they pulled it from the snow packed mountains they turned and saw a frost giant flanked by two polar bears. The giant was furious that they trespassed on sacred grounds and raised his battle axe up high, nearly slicing Waverly in two.


Corvus Septum separated their attackers and then focused their efforts on the giant, it wasn’t long before they were victorious.


The group high tailed it back to Khirn Doral and final preparations where made. Triton wished Rigel good luck and the warforged began reading the Book of Exalted Deeds in hopes of ridding the curse from him. The tea was made, the lute was played and the headband was worn.


Success! Rigel made it though the reading the book disappeared, and the robes, one of the Seven Artifacts, wase destroyed. Almost immediately his skin began to look better. Triton asked Rigel how he felt and he replied that he felt great and relieved. Later that night, Rigel asked Triton to tell him more about the Sacred Writings of Ao.

Morthos gathered the arcane remains of the robes and believes that a new artifact could be made from what was left of the robes.

With little time for rest the warship were being loaded for the assault on Arabona. King Thror and Justicar Aneasar were both pleased to see the ritual work and that such a great asset to the cause was back on his feet. They asked if Corvus Septum might be up to the task of assisting in the assault. There was a great deal they could do to turn to tides of the way in their favor.

Of course Corvus Septum agreed and they were quickly thrown on a ship bound for Arabona and a day ahead of the main fleet. They had one day to prepare for the landing of the main forces.

Operation Dispel
4th Era - 27th Session

The heroes healed up and were met by the tosculi who were pleased to see they removed the others from their home. They escorted you back to the cave-in that was created by the Legion and after you left, immediately started fixing the wall.

Once you made your way back to the Stator Mines a message was sent through the bottle to HQ about your situation, regarding Rigel 108 and the Robes of the Fallen. You spent the next couple of days recovering in the Broken Dagger waiting for a reply.

Two days later you finally heard back.

Rigel 108
Team Leader
Corvus Septum
Operation Dispel

There is only one person that we know of that can help you with this predicament. He is an arcane and divine researcher named Morthos. He has retired to the village of Alnerwick. However, this village lies within the borders of Aqium, about 4-5 days from your location. Legion forces that recently took Arabona also captured the nearby Fort Rifugio. You’ll need to be careful as you will be in enemy territory. Report back when you reach the village.

Corvus Septum spent the next four days traveling into Aqium territories to the village of Alnerwick. As they approached, they saw plumes of black smoke.


A handful of women were all that remained, they said the Legion came down from Fort Rifugio, killed all the men, and all for the damn tiefling, Morthos.


The heroes contacted HQ about this latest development

Rigel 108
Team Leader
Corvus Septum
Operation Dispel

You will need to infiltrate Fort Rifugio, find Morthos, and break him out. This is a well defended fortress manned by those who captured Arabona. A direct assault on the fortress is ill-advised, so you’ll need to split up into two-man teams when you reach the fortress walls and find different points of entry.

Also, Commander Vahlen is the person in charge of Fort Rifugio and he has been instrumental in developing the war plans for the Legion herein Decius. It is likely that he has the plans on him, so if you can get copies of them, it was be a tremendous boon for Decius. We have an operative within the fortress who will try and assist you as best he can. He has placed a handful of stashes around the fortress with this symbol on them:


Keep an eye out for them, they could be very valuable to accomplish your mission. Try and knock out the spotlights in the field next to the fort, they could be a great help in your escape. Get Morthos out and back to Alimar, the war plans are optional.

Corvus started to head towards Fort Rifugio and Brenna sent out her raven to scout out ahead.


Corvus wisely waits until night before making their move towards the fort, beginning their approach from the safety of a heavily wooded area.


The heroes quickly dispatched a guard sleeping in a set of ruins, then slipped past two more that stopped to watch two squirrels fight over an acorn.


After they quickly and quietly dealt with some rats. From here the group split up. Brenna and Brodus going up the west side of the fields while the gnomes headed up the east side and going through the stream.


A nearby guard swore he saw or heard something in the stream and moved over to investigate while the gnomes remained still. Eventually he gave up and Evaine and Ethne continued upstream.

Meanwhile on the other side, Brenna and Brodus slipped past some more guards along the way.


Until they reached a breach in the main wall. A handful of laborers were working on it. A guard with his back to the area was not far away. The two slipped past the opening and down into a sewer grate and into the sewers.


While it was night, the entire fortress was well light, and included two spotlights over the main gate, similar to the ones in the fields.


Brenna and Brodus continued into the sewers and dealt with a carrion crawler.


Meanwhile, the gnomes slipped in under the grate for the stream and entered the fort.


From here they entered a different sewer system, unconnected to the one the others went through. Once there, they ran right into a giant spider.


Brodus and Brenna worked on clearing out the rest of the main sewer area, dispatching a 2nd and 3rd carrion crawler.


The gnomes passed the winch room and came up onto the streets of the fort, in the far southeast corner.


At about the same time, Brenna and Brodus came up near the center of the fort, not far from the main guard building.


Here they saw Commander Vahlen, with escorts, enter the main guard building. They tried to listen in and pretend they were guards here but all they saw was Vahlen eventually leave this area and head to the Misty Moon Inn. From here they headed up to the top of the northeast tower, and took out the scout.


They gnomes maneuvered around to a nice hiding place behind the Misty Moon Inn. Fortune and luck were on their side as Evaine spoke with their trusted contact in the fort. He whispered to her at the window that Vahlen was here with guards and later he dropped her one of the secret stashes.

Brenna and Brodus circled around to the battlements and using a nearby ladder, slipped into the 2nd floor of the mansion.


Here they learned, from the butler, that this is where Vahlen lives. They were able to fool the butler, not only making him believe they were here to fix the chandelier, but also that they should be paid 3 gps for it.


Luck was on their side again and the gnomes ran into Brodus and Brenna in a dark alley. They exchanged information on what each had learned so far.


Evaine told them about the silent horn they acquire that only the two of them could hear. They set up a 3 signal pattern to communicate with each other. The two teams compared notes and divided up the remaining parts of the fort.

The gnomes headed for an area that turned out to be the interrogation chamber and confronted the torturer.


As they left this area, they saw the body of the scout that Brodus and Brenna killed atop the tower and threw into the river.


The gnomes made it to the southwest tower and climbed up the sides to take out the scout up top.


Brodus and Brenna began to work their way through the marketplace.

Luck would turn on the gnomes as the scout atop the tower was crafty and resilient. They nearly had him thrown off the tower but he caught himself on the railing with his rand. Meanwhile in the distance, at the market square, something else was about to go down.


Meanwhile, Vahlen appeared and moved through the marketplace with his guards, one of them a minotaur.


The minotaur stopped and looked at Brodus, You! What is your name? What herd are you from?

Brodus stumbled through his answers to the now unbelieving minotaur. A fight was inevitable.


In a case of perfect timing, the gnomes flung the scout off the tower who wailed in pain and landed with a loud thud. Alarms were raised throughout the fort. Vahlen and his minotaur bodyguard raced towards the SE tower while Brenna and Brodus seized the opening and made a run for it.

The gnomes ducked into the 2nd floor of the guard tower and found Morthos, chained to a wall.


Evaine signaled that they have the target and it is time for everyone to get the hell out of here.

Brodus ran through a guard coming over the bridge and escaped the way the gnomes came into the fort.


Brenna ducked back into the sewers and escaped the way she and Brodus came into the fort.

The gnomes, with Morthos, escaped through the nearby breach in the wall and to the open fields in front of the fort.

Brodus lifted the gate over the stream and the body of the guard he threw over before, washed down the stream, right into the paws of a bear fishing in the stream


The gnomes dealt with a guard and with Morthos continued along, behind them, and invisible Brenna saw the direction they were heading.


As they made a push, Evaine knocked out the nearby spotlight temporarily, but it was enough to get through the open area and back into more wooded areas.


Brodus darted down the front of the fort and came in behind the his fellow comrades.


But by this time Vahlen and the minotaur bodyguard were made it to the first spotlight which was not up and running again. Brodus was caught, the two minotaurs circled each other in a fight to the death. Brodus was ready to lay down his life so that his comrades could escape, but Brenna swung back around to cast a spell. It was just enough for Brodus to slip away.

Corvus Septum put a couple of days between themselves and Fort Rifugio. During that time they contacted HQ and brought Morthos up to speed on the situation. Morthos said their was someone that could help them. In the Nosiriath Realm, a unique individual by the name of Triton 714.

Throughout the mission the group stumbled upon several notes, letters, and documents that showed a glimpse to things happening behind the scenes. Here are the highlights of them:

The story continues in North.

Operation Stator Mines
4th Era - 26th Session

Corvus Septum returned to the walled city of Anavio as heroes. The following day, what remained of the Legion of Aqium mounted once last attempt to take the capital city of the Alimlar Domain. Leading the way was the red dragon Krazinor, but Queen Seera was able to steer him away with the Staff of the Dragons. The rest of the Legion attacks crashed against the still standing walls of the city. Those attackers who survived fled. The city was saved.


The following day a feast was quickly thrown together in celebration of the victory. Rewards were thrown out by many important people of the successful defense.

Legate Emeka gave the group the Ring of Regeneration that looked like a tiny viper with emerald eyes. He also made mention that Corvus lacks fighters and he assigned one of his top soldiers, Rhogar, to serve with them for a year and a day.


Queen Seera gave everyone a white infusing stone and one dose of residium each so that they might use it to make an weapon, shield, or set of armor +1 for an hour.

The Queen’s Infantry and townsfolk bestowed upon the group the title of Favored Status, which gives them free food and lodging in the Alimlar Domain and allows each player to reroll a natural 1 while you remain in the domain.

Shortly after this, new orders came in from the Messenger Bottle:

Rigel 108
Team Leader
Corvus Septum
Stator Investigation

A Legion of Aqium force was spotted north of your location around the mining town of Stator. There is something strange about their operation, and I’m starting to fear that the Attack on Anavio was a distraction to whatever they are up to in Stator. Get up their immediately and look into this matter.


The group spent four days traveling up into the Styth Mountains to reach the small mining town, but what they came across when they arrived was a ghost town. Finally someone emerged and quickly ducked into the Broken Dagger Inn.

The group followed and was met with stares and hushed tones. Some people, fearful from recent events, quickly left. The bartender ushered them over to a table in the corner. He told them that the Legion of Aqium came through here about two weeks ago and went straight to the mines. There they killed the guards and entered, never to be seen again. There was one exception to that, two guards returned to take all the rope from the general store in town.


The bartender was also able to warn them about very large humanoids as part of the Legion. They were 7-8-feet tall, light blue skin, and covered in tattoos. They were led by a necromancer named Bezor.

The heroes headed straight for the mines and began their investigation. They found three branches from a central hub just inside the mines. A large, well used one in the middle, and two smaller, less used branches off to the right and left of the main central one.


Down the central mine they followed a chipping sound and eventually found a miner named Vetter, that had snuck back into the mines after the Legion came through in hopes of removing as much iron ore as he could before they returned.

Down the left passageway the heroes came across an area that until recently was boarded up. Brenna flew her raven into the next chamber to see what was on the other side. While that was happening, Evaine noticed that the boards weren’t nailed up but instead they were held up with rope. Sure enough, Brenna’s raven spotted a rust monster in the next area.


Corvus returned to the central hub and went down the right passageway. Here they ran into a iron locked door. Rigel picked the lock and beyond the door was a cavern that contained an arcane sealed doorway and what looks like a former campsite. The group gathered around to decipher the arcane magics and together they were able to unseal the door. Beyond that was a ladder heading down.


The structure they were in now was ancient, predating the Stator Mines by maybe a thousand years, and perhaps part of a larger underground complex now buried under rock. At the bottom of the shaft the group found a collapse of one wall to a nearby natural cavern.

In this first cavern area, the group was able to follow the tracks of the Legion.


The first room they came across provided them with more evidence that the Legion had come through here. Three dead and rotting subterranean lizards were found here, one of them with the arm of a soldier still clutched in its jaws.

From here, the group headed south an found another former campsite of the Legion. As they began a search of the area, a miner staggered into the cavern mumbled something about prisoner and then collapsed on the floor. When he came to he introduced himself as Slen, a miner from Stator who was brought along by the Legion and put to work. He informed them that they entered a well a few chambers over and headed to the underdark from there.

The heroes had him lead them to that area and along the way the group was ambushed by roachlings.


Slen then showed them the well that was until recently, sealed shut. A sturdy rope was affixed to one side of the well, presumably used by the Legion to climb down into the next level below.


Brodus climbs down without hesitation and calls out that he sees the Door to the Underdark, covered in purple arcane runes to protect it.


Everyone else climbed down as well, thinking they could work together to open this door.


Out of the corner of someone’s else, they noticed the rope getting pulled back up. Looking up quickly they saw the miner Slen, without his disguise, who is actually the dark-elf Senrith. Whatever you do, don’t look up! he shouted before sealed you into his trap.

Sure enough, an evil creature and guardian of the Door to the Underdark, flies down from the ceiling.


After defeating the creature and before leaving this area, the group took a long rest.

Climbing back up proved to be difficult for some (Brodus, Waverly, and Rigel), they finally continue on and head back to the room where the Legion last camped. From here they wnet down another passageway and saw where someone had tunneled from the caves to a ancient temple. Standing guard on the other side of the pile of rubble were two zombies, one missing an arm, the other holding a bell.


Brodus snuck up and dispatched both of them quickly, which allowed the group to get a better look of their new location.


By studying the simple drawing on the walls the group was able to learn that the inhabitants were a tribe of humans and a dwarven clan. An elaborate ritual is depicted here showing the two races bound together in trust and mutual respect.

From here they heroes entered an old lab that belonged to a wizard who resided in this ancient temple. After suffering a little damage from on old trap on a chest, the heroes were able to recover two magic potions, a sorcerer’s spellbook, a rune of life, and some notes that would later help them with the Possessed Pillars trap later.


Hieroglyphics in this area showed the dwarves and humans with separate meetings with gnomes, halflings, and elves. Each meeting takes place in a temple in the desert and appears as though they are showing off the place to the visitors. This is the only time these other races are displayed in this temple.

The next room the group encounter what was later to be learned as the tosculi, wasp-like humanoids, all mentally connected to each other with their antenna.


The battle was rough, Rigel got dropped, Brodus suffered a tremendous attack for 40 points of damage and then got dropped the following round. Waverly saved the day with an attack from here Vampiric Blade that killed the last attacker.


Hieroglyphics here depict the humans and dwarves together working on a temple in the foothills. In the far distance, in the center of a desert, is an already completed temple that appears exactly the same as the one they are building.

Corvus retreated to the wizard’s lab for a short rest before pressing on.

Continuing on the group pressed forward through the tosuli room to another chamber. Whirling and buzzing, faint at first, was heard and before you knew it the entire chamber is filled with Tosculi, way more than the group could handle. One Tosculi drone stepped forward and spoke in a language no one could recognize.


Evaine used her skills as the Communication Officer to carry on a conversation. The Tosculi told them to leave, and take the others with you. Evaine explained that the “others” were bad people and that her group was trying to eliminate them. The tosculi drone radioed back to the hive mother who told Evaine that they ridded their home of the “others” and left immediately after, that the tosculi would help them.

Corvus Septum agreed to the deal and two of the tosculi warriors stepped forward, each carrying two shields each as apparently they would be needed in the next chamber. Evaine asked about a room the group passed up and the tosculi said it was a library and they could go investigate it before the proceeded.

The hieroglyphics in this area are probably the most confusing pictures in the temple. They show the dwarves and humans conducting last rites on what appears to be recently dead comrades. The pictures seem to indicate that it is, or was, possible to not only speak with the dead but that it was possible to bring them back from the dead. A concept that is completely foreign as you know how life and death works.

The heroes ducked into the library and had to overcome some challenges to decipher it. This is what they learned:

This is the ruins of a place called Durn Khete-Tymir, and each word can be broken down for its meaning:

Durn – Temple
Khete – Human tribe
Tymir – Dwarven clan

The Khete-Tymir is the name given to the humans and dwarves who allied together. They built this temple as a center of learning, dedication, and alliance to each other.

The Khete-Tymir dedicated their lives to their greatest threat, the Scourge. They made great strides in arcane studies and uplifted their people to new heights. They spread throughout the land, taking their knowledge to other races. They built a second temple in the foothills, as another bastion of hope and arcane secrets.

The poured everything into arcane studies as a way to combat the Scourge. They kept their most prized possessions in the Grand Wizard’s Sanctuary. Items they felt they could use against the Scourge. The Grand Wizard could enter freely but for anyone else to get past the guardians they would need to arrange the structures of light in certain pattern at the same time, a most difficult task.

Hieroglyphics in this area show what looks like the creation of the pillars, and how they were made with a combination of dwarven craftsmanship and human arcane powers. On the other end of this chamber it details how the Jewel of the Pillars work and how they are created. A faint map on one wall shows a network of pillars and how they work, but the land mass is not recognizable to you.

Hieroglyphics in another nearby area shows the humans and dwarves as isolated entities. The dwarves in the hills and the humans on the plains. Both races are separately depicted as struggling, and some of the pictures have them trying to fend off the Scourge with little success.

The heroes return to the tosculi and proceed to the next area with the two possessed pillars.


The two tosculi warriors split up and prepared to enter each area to defend whoever was doing the arcana checks to refocus the light of the pillars together. Evaine, Ethne, and Brodus went to the north end while Waverly, Rigel, and Brenna went to the south end. Then the pillars attacked.


It worked, both pillars were lit up and Brodus and Rigel were able to recover their weapons that got stuck to the pillar. A beam of light emanated from the central obelisk and everyone in it was able to teleport to the Wizard’s Sanctuary.


Here Corvus Septum finally caught up with the Legion of Aqium group, led by the necromancer Bezor. They reached this chamber some time ago and recovered one of the Seven Artifacts, and item called the Robes of the Fallen.

In a back corner the necromancer held them out for a faintly image of Astriminar the Lich. The lich held the robes in his hands and as he did the robes started to gradually appear to be on the same faint image as the lich. The group quickly deducted that the lich wasn’t here, but he was transferring the robes to him (downloading). Three soldiers and three goliaths, watched the waters and protected their superiors.

As the heroes jumped the gap and began their attacked they discovered what was in the water, a adolescent aboleth who would reach out and attack anyone over the water as well as random targets in the room.

Brenna threw down a silence radius which greatly reduced the capabilities of the necromancer. Brodus had to make two attempts to jump over as he got knocked back by the tentacles once.

Rigel made a daring play to grab the robes out of Astriminar’s hands and used the potion of the mist to jump back to the center. To keep them from getting stolen back from him, he put the Robes of the Fallen on.


The heroes started to whittle down the Legion members and the faint image of a now frustrated Astriminar faded away. Rigel drops the last goliath and the group saved the day.

Rigel removed the robes and said he didn’t feel well.

The story continues in Operation Dispel.

Battle of Anavio, Part 2
4th Era - 25th Session

Corvus Septum had completed two of the three quests asked for by Queen Seera of the Alimlar Domain. Last was to disrupt the supply chain from Hopewell Port to the Legion of Aqium camp just south of Anavio and the Previn River

Brenna, Evaine, and Ethne converge of the supply hub and from the safety of some nearby ruins, witnessed the whole process, wagons were randomly loaded with goods in Hopewell Port and brought to this supply depot. Here a clerk reorganized the wagon so that all of its contents were headed to the same destination. Then a second clerk would instruct the driver where to deliver his goods.


They also learned that this location only contain a handful of guards and is mostly made up of laborers. They saw all of the different colored destination tokens (blue, green, red, silver, and gold) and learned that the destinations included the main camp, the front lines, special items, weapons and armor, and siege equipment. They discussed the best way to disrupt this process.

DM Note: I always like to have an idea of what I think would work and see if the players can come up with that idea, or a better idea. My idea was for them to reroute all the goods to the wrong destinations. The group came up with an idea to reroute the goods directly to Anavio. Unfortunately, they ended up developing a different idea.

Ethne popped out from the ruins and put on a mesmerizing show of big performance and high production value, by using her Aura of Jubilation ability. She was also accompanied by her sister Evaine who threw thoughts into the minds of the guards and laborers.


This was all part of a distraction to allow Brenna to slink around the area and slip into the long building on the opposite side. There she found maps that detailed delivery locations as well as a handful of the tokens used to signify locations. Before leaving, Brenna started a fire in the building while the three of them raced back to Anavio. They would never learn that the fire was put out in time before it spread very far.


Brenna had a though to lead a quick strike on the forces around the siege weapons before returning to Queen Seera, but quickly decided better of it when she saw hundreds of soldiers, minotaurs, giants, and wizards located there.

Back in the city, Corvus saw that the city was under attack. Guards raced around the town while citizens ran for cover. Queen Seera pulled the heroes aside and said that someone (most likely Senrith) had let in hundreds of Aqium soldiers and she ordered Corvus to defend an inner courtyard while she organized guards to that position.


Corvus held up their end of the deal and Ethne was particularly helpful as she doled out temporary hit points on a regular basis.. They hold them off for 10 rounds until the Anavio Guards could take over.

After a quick rest the main assault on Anavio began. Aqium Wizards had solved the Previn River problem by using arcane magics to form a mystic platform over the river for them to bring the siege weapons across. Night falls on the city as scores of flaming rock fly across the sky to smash into the walls of the city.

Queen Seera brought you to the battlements so she might describe her orders:

The battle is going to be won or lost in the next hour. There are three things we need to do.
1 – Take out the siege weapons
2 – Rescue Legate Emeka
3 – Obtain a treasure chest of residium.

Last the Queen asked them to do their best and return if they felt they were in danger where they can all regroup. The Queen also released her Queen’s Infantry to provide them with some cover on the battlefield as they carried out her orders as best they could.

The first step was the rescue the prisoner, Legate Emeka. In choosing this, they had to go through two undead minotaurs.


Acting first, Corvus was able to slip past them before they could reacts, and were long gone as the turned their attention back on the assault. From here, the heroes made it to the area where the dragonborn was being kept.


He was tied to a pole while a wizard, a minotaur, and a could of guards looked over some battle plans. Corvus was able to get the jump on them. Ethne got the Minotaur to attack one of the guards while the others wiped of the wizard and the remaining soldiers. A grateful Emeka picked up a weapon as the entire group made their way to the siege weapons.

Evaine knocked out the soldiers manning the cannons with a water attack as she and Emeka quickly dispatched the one that survived. Ethne managed to control the hill giant a majority of the time and convinced him to smash the trebuchets before running off. The evoker was very challenging and during the fight, Brenna got dropped and Emeka nearly got dropped, but the heroes managed to take him down as well.

The heroes chose to duck through the hail of arrows to reach the siege weapons area.

The group caught their breath and decided to press on to the residium treasure. Before doing so, Ethne raiding the healing potion stashes of both Brodus and Waverly, and healed everyone up. To get to the treasure, the heroes and to slip past a charmed giant minotaur, once again thanks to the efforts of Ethne.

An owl familiar of the wizard here notified him of Corvus sneaking up on them as he inspected the contents of the chest. He quickly formed a battle line of soldiers while he cast arcane spells from the back.


Half of the soldiers got frightened by Brenna’s staff, but the wizard countered with Ice Storm. Brenna turned invisible and then used Shadow Walk to get past the line of defense.


Brenna zapped the wizard with Witch Bolt and the wizard countered with Misty Step and pummeled the heroes with spells, dropping Brenna in the process. Evaine and Ethne manage to charm the wizard long enough to grab the chest and make a mad dash back to the city with it.

The group retired for the evening for some well deserved and much needed rest.

They awoke to a commotion on the battlements. Fearing that the Legion had resumed the attacks, they raced to see the disturbance. A huge army of Ashillwynn Archers emerged from the treeline to the west near the Dreq Swamp and began raining arrows down on the Aqium camp. Wave after wave further complicates things for the Legion as they slowly start to organize. Queen Seera, seizing the opportunity released her cavalry to sweep through the camp and try to wipe them out once and for all.


Everything looked good until Queen Seera pointed back towards the swamp, What the hell are they doing?!?


From the marsh emerged the lizardfolk, led by Chief Shuuth. They drew their weapons and closed the distance between them and the unsuspecting elves, who are now badly outnumbered.

The Queen gasped, realizing she had overextended her forces, The cavalry will get pinned down between the Legion and the Lizardfolk, the Ashillwynn Archers will get wiped out, and we’ll have nothing left to defend the city!

She turned to the group, I thought we had a deal with them! You go out and fix this right now! Everything depends on you! Kill Chief Shuuth!

Corvus Septum raced across the battlefield to defend the Ashilwynn Elves and they ran right into a force of lizardfolk that included a subek. In the distance they could see waves of lizardfolk emerging from the Dreq Swamp.


The crocodile-like creature dealt out massive amounts of damage, and the heroes were in dire straights.


Evaine was nearly dropped but the day was saved when a handful of elven archers managed to slip away from battle and lend a hand to the battle.


The group had a second to catch their breath before the next wave arrived, this one included a shaman, who cast plant growth followed by spike growth, and then heat weapon. on Rigel 108.


Everyone on the battlefield paused in horror as overhead they saw and heard a tremendous battle taking place between Aventilar and Krazinor.


The heroes finally got the upper hand when Evaine dropped the shaman just as she her shadow hounds blinked out of existence.

The break was brief as the final wave of lizardfolk emerged from the marsh, this one led by Chief Shuuth, who bellowed with laughter, stating that the heroes were foolish enough to believe him before.


The fight was fierce but brief and Chief Shuuth was slain. The rest of the lizardfolk broke off their attacks and slinked back into the swamp. Krazinor the Red had defeated Aventilar overhead, but suffered a good deal of injuries, so he flew away to recuperate.

By this time Corvus found themselves a fair distance into the swamp and from here they headed north to the foothills for easier travel. Up ahead, they spotted a thin wisp of smoke from a small campfire. Cautiously they approached.


They overhead a conversation between three people: a human fighter, a female elven druid, and a tiefling ranger. They discuss potential locations of where someone might have gone.

Corvus announced themselves to the group and approached. The fighter put away the map he was looking at and hailed back. The tiefling interrupted: Have you seen a man, an older man, grey beard, brown cloak covered in vines?

The fighter shot him a dirty look, but the tiefling continued, Giant two-handed sword? Also covered in vines? Have you seen him? Please say yes.

Now that the secret was out, the fighter made introductions. I am Sir Gregory, this is Ozron (tiefling) and that is Delthana (elf druid) and we are members of the Shields of Autumn. An organization of like-minded people who revere nature. We are searching for one called the Warrior of the Woods. We have been for some time.

A few more questions from the group gained a little more information. The Shield of Autumn believe that this fabled person is the rightful leader of the Shield, and they heard from the bullywugs of the Dreq Swamp that he was recently seen in this direction. Corvus wished them well before departing.

As the heroes limped home to the Anavio gates, they were pleased to see that most of the Queen’s Cavalry had returned as well. Thanks to Corvus Septum, the cavalry was able to cut through the Legion camp like a hot knife.

From the looks of it, the battle of Anavio has been won! The story continues in Operation Stator Mines.

The story continues in Operation Stator.

Battle of Anavio, Part 1
4th Era - 24th Session

With Hendrick Zin in place within the Legion of Aqium stationed in Zatha, Corvus Septum made their way back to the Nightingale to continue with the quest from Captain Cimris regarding looting the long lost treasure of Kaithor Blacksail.

The heroes followed the trail left by the Tempest Swam landing party. Ropes were still in place where they had to climb up steep, rocky cliffs, until they reached the outsides of a set of ruins, on a high ledge. Carefully, they pulled the door open and saw the first room.


Here they found the remains of the 3-man party sent by the captain. Their bodies were gaunt and shriveled and were crawling towards a fountain of water set in the corner. The fountain is just a trickle now, but flows with clear, clean water. Brenna casts detect magic and discovers faint alteration magic on it. Ethne does a psychic reading on the area and learned that no one has disturbed this scene in the last 24 hours.

Corvus pushed on to the next room. A large chamber, shrouded in darkness. A single beam of light, emanating from the center of the ceiling, swirls around the room in a clockwise manner. Evaine and Ethen both reminded everyone about the Stay in the Light foreshadowing they’ve heard.

Taking a deep breath, the heroes lept into the light as it made it’s way toward their door. Shadows swiped at those on the edge of the darkness as the light started to make it’s way around the room. Each hit dealt necrotic damage and sapped the strength of those struck.


Then the Grey Thirster attacked.


It drained the heroes of all liquids and dried them out, as well as dealing necrotic damage. Corvus stumbled through the room and discovered a door on the opposite wall from the one they entered.


Brenna saw that it took two keys to open, one onyx and one ivory. They didn’t know for sure but when the light reached the three-quarters mark in the room, they found the onyx key on a table covered with white scarabs. Ethne carefully snatched the key from the table.

When the light reached it’s starting point, Ethne passed the key on to Brenna and ducked out to drink from the fountain as she was already suffering from loss of strength, exhaustion, and dehydration. At the quarter mark, Brenna grabbed the Ivory key from a similar table covered with black scarabs. Back in the first room, Ethne drank from the fountain, but quickly spat it out when he tasted faint traces of poison. Evaine tied up the Grey Thirster with her own shadows, and it kept him preoccupied for much of the fight.

Soon, the light came back to the door with the keys and Brenna turned both at the same time and leapt into the treasure room that was bathed in bright, angelic light. The door slammed shut behind her, leaving Evaine and Waverly in the room with the shadows. Brenna gathered up all the treasure she could carry and reluctantly flipped the lever she found in there.

This opened the beam of light up to shine across the entire room, pushing the shadows to the far corners. Once the Grey Thirster was dealt with, Corvus Septum walked out with all the treasure the found.


Back aboard the Nightingale, Captain Cimris is saddened to hear of the loss of his crewmates, but delighted to see that the flintlock of Ao’s Glory is in his possession. Waverly suggested that the kids be taken to her people in the nearby Ashilwynn Forest.

Shortly after this, everyone received notifications about their next assignment from Chancellor Gavin. He says that the Legion of Aqium took the coastal city of Zatha to act as a staging area for a much larger operation. An attack on the capital of the Alimlar Domain, the city of Anavio. Warships are already sailing up the Cobalt River towards Anavio while a much larger force approaches from the east along the Previn River.

Chancellor Gavin orders you to enter the city and speak with Queen Seera and offer what aid you can to help defend her city. He also mentions a clan of lizardfolk in the nearby Dreq Marsh that could be of use. Your local contact, Hendrick Zin, will meet you at the docks tomorrow night with a way to get in to the battlefield without arising suspicion.


Zin’s plan is for you to gain passage on one of the many transport ships sailing north on the Cobalt River with supplies for the siege. Its final destination is the town of Hopewell Port where supplies will be taken off and transported to the battlefield. Before leaving, he suggests to Brenna that she should act like she is in charge to get the other laborers to follow her and lessen suspicion.

Brenna barks out orders the laborers to load the ship and prepare to leave and they shrug their shoulders and get to work. During the first of the three day travel up the Cobalt River, it is learned that most of the workers are from the former Dolaneg Kingdom. They say that the pay is fine, but mostly they do this out of fear.

On the second day, a large red dragon with rider is seen flying overhead towards Anavio. No doubt a part of the Legion of Aqium.

On the third day, Brenna is approached by a worker named Rade who nervously told her that he has seen another worker by the name of Jarell, snooping around the supplies and tampering with equipment. Brenna spoke to the rest of Corvus Septum about this and the idea of another agent working here, or perhaps a rival faction at play. Brenna brought in Jarell for questioning and he told her that he stole Rade’s wife from him years ago and Rade has always been trying to get back at him.

Brenna nodded and declared that the two should fight it out on the deck of the ship. The other workers gathered around and wagers were made while to two settled it like old-fashion men.


Jarell, losing slightly on the scorecards, delivered a knock-out blow in the 5th round to win. Both fighters were patched up after the fight. Soon after, the convoy of ships arrived in Hopewell Port.

This tiny shipping station is located in the southern and drier portion of the Dreq Swamp, and it is now 100% under Aqium control. Three large hill giants wade out to the water and assist getting the goods and supplies on shore. A handful of lizardfolk can be seen quietly watching from a distance.


Brenna orders the workers to empty the boat and rest up in the warehouse after they are done while they remain behind in their quarters. Once it is dark out, they slip out. The lizardfolk are gone but they decide to try and find them after resting for the night

Early he next day they run into the lizardfolk and Evaine was pleased that she studied the limited amount of lizardfolk language she learned prior to this mission. Corvus assured them that they were friends and they were taken to meet their leader, Chief Shuuth. As they enter camp, they see a captured Aqium solider about to be roasted on a spit.


Evaine explains that Queen Seera needs help in the upcoming battle. Shuuth agrees if they help him. He wants to be friend with Aventilar. Evaine doesn’t know who or what this is until he provides a drawing.


Shuuth explains how he has a herd of cattle and coins to give to the black dragon as an offering of peace, saying that when Shuuth is friends with Aventilar, then Shuuth help you.

Corvus headed off in the directions given by the lizardfolk in search of the black dragon. Traversing the Dreq Swamp got tougher, and the water turned foul as a light fog swept in, obscuring vision. From overhead, a loud flapping sound is heard and seconds later Aventilar slammed to the ground right in front of them.


The heroes explained the offer from Chief Shuuth and handed over the cattle and coin as part of the deal. But Aventilar wanted more. It wasn’t until Waverly handed over some recently acquired items did she agree to this partnership.

The group headed back to Chief Shuuth and told them the deal has been made. Shuuth told them he will prepare his lizardfolk for the battle before the heroes headed for Anavio.

Waverly knew of a way slip into the city, through the old dragon egg hatchery caves nearby. Inside this cave they saw a magically sealed door that they would return to later. On the opposite direction was a narrow tunnel with flickering light and muffled conversation coming from it. Corvus snuck into the room and saw a Legion of Aqium strike team that included not only two minotaurs, but a familiar face, the martial arts expert Senrith A’Daris.


But before Corvus could react, Senrith slipped through a secret door and into the city by himself. The heroes made short work of the Aqium soldiers and found a fair amount of alchemist fire they were trying to sneak in. Once past the now magically secret door, they group made its way to the throne room.

Queen Seera was instead in the war room with her most trusted advisors, preparing for the battle. The dragonborn leader of the Alimlar Domain made a beeline for Waverly. Smiling and shaking her hand, Queen Seera spoke very well of the elven rogue:

This brave person turned in her sister when it was discovered that Wynonna and the Light of Sun and Moon plotted against me to restore Vicrik to the throne. The rest of you can all take note, this is what bravery and dedication looks like.


Waverly blushed while Ethne and Evaine glanced at each other. The Queen was thankful for Corvus showing up and gave the heroes three quests:

Supply LinesThere is a hub outside of Hopewell Port that redirects supplies to their destinations in or around the Aqium encampment. Perhaps you could disrupt that somehow.

Swamp MeetingIt is time we reached out to Chief Shuuth in the Dreq Marsh, maybe he and the lizardfolk could tip the balance of this attack in our favor.

Side MissionDesperate times call for desperate measures. There is an item in the old hatchery that could very well help us. I will give you a key to open the magical barrier leading into the caves. You will need your wits about you for this, since none of us have been able to solve the puzzle.

Queen Seera was very impressed that Corvus Septum had already met with and negotiated with the lizardfolk, since they are normally not trustworthy. Then the group headed back to the dragon hatchery caves.

Thanks to the help from the queen, the group unlocked the arcane sealed door and continue into a large cavern. On a pedestal located prominently in the center of this entryway, is a statue of a half-elf with a captain’s hat. The sign under it read: Captain Ravenclaw of the Righteous – First Liberator of the dragonborn

In the far end of the room the group could see movement from different area and soon they were set upon by cave goblins. During the fight Brenna reached a high ledge to deal with two cave goblin archers and while up there she found a tripwire on the south end. Not a trap, but rather a noise making to alert someone. They cave goblin king tried to make a run for it to alert the rest of the caves of the intruders, but Evaine just had enough line-of-sight to take him down.


Corvus decided to investigate the area warded off by the noise-making tripwire. In this final chamber they found a pool of acid centered in the cavern. The walls were covered with etchings of green glowing mystic runes. In the far corner of the room the runes begin to move, but actually it is an ettin covered in the same green runes, who charges to attack.


The ettin seemed invulnerable to damage as they battle raged on, but the group could notice patterns in the runes. While they fended themselves from the giant’s attacks they were able to solve the puzzle and negate the runes, killing the ettin guardian in the process. Also, the pool of acid turned to water clear enough to see a staff at the bottom of the pool.

Corvus pulled it out and had in their possession the Staff of Dragons, which allows the wielder the ability to speak with dragons in sight and bestows the persuasive bonus to the wielder.

The group caught their breath and prepared to deal with the supply line issue.

The battle continues in Battle of Anavio, Part 2.


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