The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

A Prelude to War

2nd Era - Between 5th and 6th Session

Things had settled down for the Champions of Elon once they returned from their voyage around Brind-Amor. The Council of Elders and the House of Scribe were busy taking in all that was seen and discovered, while the champions enjoyed some much needed time off.

About six months later, though the combined efforts of The House of Scribe and Sorceress Nazala, the Jayt Valley Pillar was powered up for the first time, and this is what the control panel looked like:


Once it was powered up, and as expected, two symbols lite up. One that was believed to be the Jayt Valley Pillar on the left, and one that is believed to be the Skyland Pillar on the right. Sorceress Nazala and Doaklin were the first two people to use it.

It was later described as a brief flash and a brief moment of disorientation, both of them (one after another) found themselves atop Skyland while it was hovering high above the clouds over the Kainin Mountains.

Rand was still here, staying within the small town near the pillar. Rand had some interesting reports during his stay.

The weather didn’t seem to be as bad as expected, with such high elevations. Rand said that a certain times around sunrise and sunset you can barely make out the ceiling of a thin “cover” or membrane over skyland, as if to partially shield itself from the cold winds.

Rand encountered herds of cattle, packs of wild dogs, giant spiders in one of the northern woods, large cats in one of the southern woods, and saw two dragons, reddish in color, fly by Skyland. Most intriguing is the one time Rand spotted a troll near the island on the lake.

Rand said at a point when Skyland floated closer towards Attlica Bay he thought he spotted islands far to the northeast of Brind-Amor.

Also of interest was an area up the narrow valley toward the one mountain on Skyland. Following the trail it led to a large bronze door with seemingly no way to open it. No door handle, no hinges, and no keyhole. It remains a mystery.

The three returned to Elon while Rand was to be debriefed further and possibly lead a team back to Skyland to explore it further.

Just a month ago, members of the Grey Fox Tribe arrived in Elon with grave news. The Doombringer Orcs have united under a single banner and march on the city of Nigrum-Ursus. The orc tribes were lead by Urzog the Conqueror and he sought revenge against the Black Bear Clan for past transgressions. The Grey Fox said the force numbers in the thousands and included ogres and giants in their force.

The Elder Council along with the House of Scribe, the Champions of Elon, the Spirit of the Hawk, and the Elon Devout, held an emergency meeting. While the people of Elon don’t share a great history with the people of Nigrum Ursus, dating back to the Red Hawk Tribe and Black Bear Clan days of the 1st Era, their was a need to help. The fear was once the Doombringer Orcs destroyed the largest city in Brind-Amor, no one else would stand a chance against such a formidable army. The only way for survival is to unite all of Brind-Amor and stand against the orcs in Nigrum Ursus.

The Champions left that night to rally what support they could muster up.

Theren Strongbow recruited his people, the Elves of the Talenth Forest.
Illyria traveled to the Galadinthar Forest and rounded up both the Galadinthar Elves and the fighters of Rothia.
Doaklin met with the Hilthe Mountain Dwarves and convinced them and the Broken Tusks Tribe to help.
Cil persuaded the Ancient Believers of Ao to join.
Lara brought with her the Elon Devout along with the people from the Holy City of Southwatch.

Also joining the fight, unannounced, was the Halflings of Odenburg.

All of the forces of Brind-Amor raced to Nigrum-Ursus to defend it against the on coming horde.


Soon the war began, in The Battle of Nigrum-Ursus.



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