The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

Stone Age to Exploration Age

Between Ages (1st and 2nd)

Under the leadership of the Three Feathers, the Red Hawks, the remnants of the Great Stag, the Boar Tusk, and a few scattered fishing villages settled in at the Great Bay. The locals were encouraged by the Red Hawks eliminating a local threat to the area and everyone pitched in to make this a thriving community.

Most looked to the Three Feathers to rule or at least determine who would be the next chieftain, but they decided that a Council of Elders would govern over the new tribe. One of the first decisions the Council addressed was what to call the tribe and the new village. It was readily agreed that a new name would be most appropriate to acknowledge the other tribes and locals. They called the new settlement, Elon, named after the wife of Nargoth. The Great Bay became known as Attlica Bay, which is what the fishing villages of the area called it. Decades later the fishing spot of Leroso and the watchtower called the Hawk’s Perch came to be part of the Elonian lands.

Two years later the settlement witnessed a shocking sight. A very badly injured and hobbled Chief Reshk arrived in town on the back of a wagon. Local hunters from another tribe found him and nursed him back to life. He has lost his right arm and part of his left foot, but he was still alive. The tale he told was one of legend. He and the elite warriors fought off the orc horde for as long as they could, and one by one the brave defenders fell to the orcs. Reshk, barely clinging to life, was left alive so that the War Chief of the orcs could slay him in battle. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction, and knowing his tribe was safely gone, Reshk leapt over the ridge and presumably fell to his death. After being recovered by the Grey Fox Tribe, Reshk slowly regained his strength over the months. When he was strong enough to travel, Reshk began searching for his lost tribe.

Reshk’s arrival put the Council of Elders in a precarious position. Do they give the tribe back to their chieftain or should they remain in control? Reshk quickly settled this and gave his blessing on the Council to rule the people.

Reshk lived out his life in the town of Elon and was often found at the end of the docks staring out to sea with a smile on his face. In honor of the former chieftain of the Red Hawks, the Council named rite of passage for the warriors, the Test of Reshk.

The warrior class of Elon began to take shape. They were to be loyal, dedicated to the cause, watchers of the Attlica Bay, and sincere followers of Ao. They became known as The Elon Devout. Young prospective warriors are brought to the Temple of Ao the Warrior in Elon where they make the pledge and dedicate their lives to the church.

Every five years the Elon Devout, prospective warriors, local fighters, and even members of the nearby Razortooth Sahuagin settlement get together to complete in the Test of Reshk. People of all sorts come together in friendly competition as both a rite of passage for the warriors as well as a day of remembrance.

The Razortooth Sahuagin and the people of Elon have enjoyed a friendly relationship since the settlement was first established. The council and Baron Sekolah of the shark people have negotiated boundaries. The people of Elon and its settlements are not to be harmed by the Sahuagin as long as they remain in Attlica Bay and to avoid the Great Sea to the north. During the Test of Reshk, every Sahuagin comes ashore with the Baron to honor their relationship with the people of the bay.

The citizens of Elon have lived in relative peace for the past 200 years. The Doombringer Orcs never made it far out of the Kainin Mountains before dissention and mutiny slowed and disbanded the orc horde during the Stone Age. The only time a small band of orcs advanced as far as Elon was about 20 years ago. The band of orcs met heavy resistance from the Elon Devout not far from the House of Scribe, but at the same time members of the Black Bear Clan, infiltrated and stole the Staff of Kree-e-ar from the village High Druid. Fortunately for Elon, a team of highly trained rangers and druids, known as the Spirit of the Hawk, ran down the Black Bear infiltration team before they got more than a dozen miles from Elon.

Overall, the defense was a success. The orcs were driven back and the relic of Elon was recovered. However, an uneasy feeling swept through the coastal town. It would appear that the Black Bear Clan and at least remnants of the Doombringer Orcs are in collusion.

The Staff of Kree-e-ar was safely back in High Druid Ramses’s hands and it has grown in importance for the people serving as a symbol of their strength and as a beacon of hope. Wise men have visited The Pillar several times a year in hopes of learning more about the origin of the sacred staff and of arcane magics. The site in the lower Jayt Valley has become something of a holy site for the people of Elon in particular to the Spirit of the Hawk.

An occasional rumor floats around from traveling dwarven merchants of a second pillar being found although its location is unknown. Some say it is in the Hithe Mountains guarded by a mighty dwarven army, others say it stands alone in the eastern plains.

The Hithe Mountain Dwarves are strange lot. It has only been in the last 40 years that they have even been seen around Elon. They are a merchant race, dealing in gems, goods, weapons, and armor. The Elon saying of “The Dwarven quest for riches darkens their sense of right.” Frustration grew when dwarven merchants, with a large supply of steel weapons, refused to assist in the defense of Elon while the Black Bear and Orc attacks took place.

Today Elon lives in peace in their small corner of the world. There are those in the village that are born “ Blessed”. They have an affinity towards nature. The ways of the world, plants, animals, and a relationship with Ao come easier for the Blessed. The High Druid thinks that everyone is born with at least a flicker of blessedness. Most just become slightly better fishmen, some grow up and become a part of the Spirit of the Hawk, and the most advanced of them will become the High Druid.

Even less are born “ Enchanted”. These individuals have an affinity towards the arcane. They can grasp the fundamentals of magic and shape it towards something tangible. They are both revered and shunned by the village, many just do not understand their ways Most of the Enchanted make the trek to The Pillar in hopes of gaining insight towards its mysterious and mystical nature. A few, simply leave the village on their own accord. Boldly striking out into the unknown.

On the rarest of occasions, a person is born both Blessed and Enchanted. These people are said to have been Touched by Ao himself, destined to save the world.

You are such a person.

The Story continues at Age of Exploration (Session #2)



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