The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

The Battle of Nigrum Ursus

2nd Era - 6th and 7th Session

Described as the war to end all wars, the Battle of Nigrum Ursus pitted the united clans of the Doombringer Orcs led by Urzog the Conqueror against the Coalition Forces that include the Black Bear Clan from Nigrum Ursus, the Elon Devout from Elon, the holy fighters of Southwatch, the dwarves of the Hilthe Mountains, the Elves of the Talenth Forest, the Galadinthar Elves, the halflings of Odenburg, the human tribes of the Broken Tusks, and the warriors of Rothia.


The Doombringer Orcs engaged with a three-pronged attack; forces attacking the front gate;
the rear gate;
and a smaller force that came up through the caves below Nigrum-Ursus.

At the front gate, the Doombringer Orcs began their assault with two stone giants and two hill giants hurling rocks at first the front door, then two sections of wall while small forces fo orcs rushed the now breached areas.

A similar tactic took place at the rear wall with two hill giants acting as artillery while orc forces charged up the narrow bridge and others rowed across the Treagir River in boats.

It was not known at the time how they were doing it, but the Doombringer Orcs came up into the caves through a recently discovered hole in the cave floor.

The Coalition Forces divided up and fought off the terrible invaders at each location, quickly gaining the upper hand in the caves, a slight advantage at the rear gate, now breached, and are still fighting off waves of orcs at the front gate.


Late in the fight, the giants at the front gate began to advance…(Session #7)

The saga continues in A United Brind-Amor



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