Arcane University

The Arcane Universities are an ambitious project headed by the Galadinthar Elves with help from the arcane leaders of Elon. The idea was to get arcane studies out into the world of Brind-Amor, where anyone who showed skill and desire could further their studies.

It was also decided that these universities should be away from the distractions of cities, so they are all located in remote areas. The original and biggest is in the Galadinthar Forest, built upon the ruins where the Champions of Elon slayed the green dragons Tiemeth and Mersoth.

After the Galadinthar University was built the next one was erected in the Jayt Valley, near the Jayt Valley Pillar. The third is in the foothills of the Hilthe Mountains between the Hilthe Mountain Pillar and the Talenth Forest.

The last, and most ambitious university is located on Skyland and has taken up most of the small town that is located next to the Skyland Pillar. This is a located for advanced studies, including, but not limited to, study of the Pillars and Skyland itself.


Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – Thanks to it’s open-door policy, all races are welcomed into the University. The head of the universities is Selussa Alealyth, who took this position after Takkar passed away. Selussa frequently travels to all four locations and occasionally drops in on meeting of the Brind-Amor Confederacy in Elon. She has been working on production of Jewels of the Pillar so that they could power up others.

Session #12 (3rd Era) – Captain Jaffe made a very brief trip to the Arcane University when he teleported from the Geargrind Island Pillar to the Skyland Pillar. There he learned the news surrounding the arcane researcher Tinesia and was told that they were shutting down the pillars (for all but a few minutes each day) in fear of an attack emanating from the open pillar.

Arcane University

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