Captain Cimris

Cimris, a kenku, is the captain of the Nightingale pirate ship of the Tempest Swarm. The Tempest Swarm is no longer a pawn of the Decius Empire as they were in the time of the Emperor. Today they are a loosely associated group that operations on the fringes of the Great War.


Session #23 (4th Era) – Introduced by Stath Cloudhelm, Ethne met Captain Cimris as he transported her from Dunbar Town to Zatha. He also mentioned that the Nightingale had other business to attend to in the area and would be nearby if needed.

Later, Corvus Septum spotted the Nigthingale after escaping the sewers/caverns under Zatha and went to Captain Cimris about possibly taking Todrick and Emily Chespian to safety. Cimris agreed if they would help him. They are hear looking for a treasure stash left by the legendary pirate, Kaithor Blacksail. A search party left days ago and have not returned. Cimris explains that a verse of the pirate song that mentions this treasure contains a line, Stay in the Light. The group agreed to this mission.

Session #24 (4th Era) - Once the Flintlock of Ao was retrieved by Corvus, Captain Cimris agreed to take the kids to the Ashilwynn Elves.

Captain Cimris

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