Coalition Forces

The Coalition Forces was the army that was spearheaded by the efforts of the Champions of Elon, to fight the Doombringer Orcs as they advanced on the city of Nigrum-Ursus.

Thanks to the exploration voyage of the Champions on the Chaytan around the continent of Brind-Amor, they were able to call upon many of the people they had met along the way. When word of the Doomrbringer’s march to Nigrum-Ursus came from the Grey Fox tribe, the Council of Elders in Elon decided that the best course of action would be a united front in Nigrum Ursus, giving them their best chance of defeating Urzog the Conqueror and the Doombringer Orcs.

The Following groups answered the call and fought in the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus under the banner of the Coalition Forces:

The Champions of Elon
The Elon Devout
Holy Warriors of Southwatch
Divine Dermenian
Triton 714
The Black Bear Clan
High Chieftain Shadak
Captain Berend
The Galadinthar Elves
Selussa Alealyth
Rothian Warriors
Takkar of Rothia
Elves of the Talenth Forest
Queen Skyrick
Hilthe Mountain Dwarves
Jabella Bronzebeard
Broken Tusks Tribe
Skielren Broken Tusk
Odenburg Halflings
Ancient Believers of Ao
Mierielle Lightbringer


Coalition Forces

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