Engineer Officer

You are an Ashilwynn Elf from the Ashilwynn Forest which is part of the Alimlar Domain. You grew up in the shadow of your older sister Wynonna. She was the best of the best, a generational talent. She was skilled with the bow and adept in the arcane arts, but what set her apart was her appeal. She was helpful, kind, courteous, and generous. To know her was to love her. Truly, she was destined to lead her people when the time came.


But not everyone loved her. Not someone who was constantly compared to her, and always fell short. Not someone who grew up next to her and had to listen to all the praise she received. Not someone who was asked, why can’t you be like your sister? Your sister made your life harder, and you resented her for that. She wasn’t perfect, like everyone claimed. And one day you had enough and decided to show everyone her imperfections.

Years ago Wynonna was in contact with the leader of the Alimlar Domain, King Vicrik. She acted as an ambassador for the elves and presented her people’s concerned about diplomatic affairs both domestic and abroad, through correspondence. Later it was discovered that King Vicrik had been in collusion with Aqium and was overthrown and Queen Seera took over as ruler of the Domain. Wynonna told you in confidence that she was glad this happened. The Queen was much more open to listening to the people of the Domain and added that Vicrik was shady and dangerous.

Now Wynonna kept everything and still had many of the letters she wrote to King Vicrik, but they were very tame at best. But what if there were other letters? Other letters that made Wynonna look bad. Maybe these letters hinted at strong support for the disposed king? Maybe these other letters detailed plans to over throw the Queen and welcome Aqium with open arms?

The problem was, there were no other letters. However, you had very good penmanship, and could write them yourself to look like Wynonna wrote them. Then the world would see she wasn’t perfect.

Carefully, slowly, and deliberately you carried out your plan and snuck the letters into the office of the Lord of the Forest. It wouldn’t be long before your plan came to fruition.

It did. But the severity was overwhelming. The Lord of Forest dispatched his guards and had Wynonna arrested. The charges were read publically. The Lord passed judgement. Death.

When Wynonna cried out for you over the crowd, you ducked your head in shame. You could not bear to look your sister in the face. She was to be beheaded the following morning for treason.

For the rest of the day and night you were swamped with questions. Did you know? How did this happen? Were you a part of this conspiracy? Who else was she working with? Does she know if the former King is still alive? The questions weren’t bad, it was the sympathy you got. They sympathy for you from all the people who wondered why you never measured up to your sister. We were wrong to doubt you, Waverly. You were the great one, not your traitor sister.

That stung.

A friend of yours, Adaray, approach you late that night and told you that she heard from a group calling themselves the Light of Sun and Moon. They were an organization of Ashilwynn Elves that sought changes to the way the elves lived and governed. Adaray said they were planning on breaking Wynonna out before the morning execution.

You wanted to help your sister for this terrible thing you did to her. But you couldn’t approach the Light of Sun and Moon. They would see you as the reason their champion was imprisoned. But you still had to help. Adaray told you bits of the plan and thinking about it you could see a couple of holes in it. Just hours before sunrise, you set out to fix those holes.

You set a couple of distracting alarms in place, a few tripwires, and then hid yourself high in a nearby tree. When the guards came to retrieve Wynonna from her cell, you set off a handful of smokes bombs.

Chaos ensued below you as the guards tried to fend off the ambush attacks from Light of Sun and Moon. Silently you took down three guards from your vantage point and minutes later your sister was gone, whisked away by the rebel elves. The guards fell for another of your diversions and took off in the wrong direction after her.

Carefully you slipped back into the confused crowd unnoticed. Several members of the Lord’s council assured you that your sister will be caught and these renegades will be brought to justice. You nodded in agreement and sighed. Neither your sister nor the Light of Sun and Moon will ever know about your assistance that day.

To be safe you waited another two months before leaving the forest. The guilt of what you did, both hurting and helping your sister was too much. You have no idea what ever happened to Wynonna and you never want to see her again. You left the forest and joined the army in the Great War against Aqium. Maybe there you can redeem yourself.

You did your basic training in the Alimlar capital of Anavio. You excelled there and were head of your class. A few months later you were visited by Chancellor Gavin who was impressed with your skills. He said he was putting together an elite strike force that would strike a mighty blow against Aqium. He appointed you as Engineer, and he had you meet him in Centum Treyopolis for further instructions.

Engineer Officer

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