Esbjorn Broske

Esbjron Brokse is the current Lord of Brind-Amor, who rules over the Brind-Amor Confederacy from its location in Elon. The Confederacy acts on behalf of a coalition of mutual forces throughout the land and against those that would threaten them.


Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – Only the second person to be named as Lord of Brind-Amor, the first was Rand of Elon who served until he passed away, Esbjorn is young, charismatic, and a positive figure in the land of Brind-Amor. He won an election of other members on the Brind Amor Confederacy Board in a landslide.

Esbjorn was born in Nigrum-Ursus as the great-grandson of High Chieftain Shadak who fought in the original Battle of Nigrum-Ursus. Esbjorn did well with his time in the Black Bear Army but excelled at bringing people together. Once he achieved a leadership role in the army, he was often sent forth to handle diplomatic missions and always with great results.

Some acts of note during his time in the military was his help of the Galadinthar Elves as they transported goods to the Arcane University near the Hilthe Mountains, fending off waves of hobgoblins. The other was settling a dispute between the Emerald Circle and Followers of the Scourge, that nearly destroyed the village of Rothia. But his crowning achievement was fighting as a teenager in the second Battle of Nigrum-Ursus against the likes of Zurgha the Prevailer.

Since he left the army he has entered into the world of politics, most notably as a skilled negotiator. He reputation as a fair and honest person propelled him to the heights of being named the Lord of Brind-Amor.

Lately, Esbjorn has grown worried about the fate of the United Pride on its maiden voyage. What did it see? Who did it make contact with? What happened to them? Will the same befall Brind-Amor? Esbjorn has personally seen that the production of the Sea Word was stepped up so that it may answer some of those questions.

Session #8 (3rd Era) – Esbjorn gave a spirted speech after the Tests of Reshk to the crew of the Sea Word before they set sail in a mission of exploration and to find the missing United Pride.

Esbjorn Broske

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