Lord of Brind-Amor

After the success of the Coalition Forces at the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus, it was seen that a need for a permanent governing body be formed to prevent threats to each member of the organization. Thus the Brind Amor Confederacy was formed and the Lord of Brind-Amor sits at the head of the table.


Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – The first person elected to this position was Rand who not only served aboard the Chaytan with the Champions of Elon, but was the first person in thousands of years to live on Skyland for an extended time.

Rand was instrumental in the formation of the Confederacy, establishing what powers it would have and making sure none of them would overstep their boundaries onto its members. The actual building was erected in Elon during this time, and the Confederacy was soon making a difference in the world.

After he passed away, Esbjorn Broske was the next person to take the mantle of Lord of Brind-Amor, as he was elected by the other representatives of the Confederacy. He was a well respected and heroic figure and a known diplomat.

Lord of Brind-Amor

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