The Nightingale is a Tempest Swarm ship of the 4th Era under the command of a kenku by the name of Captain Cimris. It is a galleon with black sail made of feather that seem to hum as the ship sails. The Nightingale, along with other pirate ships of this time period, operate on the fringes of the Great War for their own benefit.


Session #23 (4th Era) – Fellow operative, Stath Cloudhelm, arranged for Ethne transportation aboard the Nightingale from Dunbar Town to Zatha. Captain Cimris informed them both that the Nightingale would be in the area for some time looking into another matter, possibly if she needed transportation out.

Later, Ethne and the rest of Corvus Septum, returned to the Nightingale to ask Captain Cimris to take Todrick and Emily Chespian, children of Lord Chespian, to safety. The captain agreed if they would help him discover his missing search party who went to look for treasure left behind by Kaithor Blacksail.

Session #24 (4th Era) - Corvus Septum returned to the ship with the treasure Captain Cimris desired. He agreed to take the kids on his ship and deliver them to the Ashilwhynn Elves.


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