The Maiden

The Maiden is the supposed leader of the Red Sisters, an organization led by female vampires, known to operate in Decius.


Session #22 (4th Era) – The first mention of The Maiden came when Corvus Septum spoke with the tight-lipped Terribeth of the Red Sisters in Dunbar. She whirled around to look Evaine dead in the eye. I will drink upon your blood, this I swear to the Red Maiden.

Session #23 (4th Era) – No real mention of the Maiden here in Zatha, but her influence could be seen as a Red Sister operation was underway to murder Todrick and Emoly Chespian and feast on their blood.

Session #28 (4th Era) – just outside of Pella’s Wish, Corvus came across a situation where a new recruit murdered her family but was unable to complete the ritual to draw the blood from her little brother. The Red Sisters killed her on the spot. A note found on the girl (Abigail) from The Maiden, detailed what she had to do to become a member of their organization.

The Maiden

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