The Rage

The Rage was once known as a lush, tropical island 200 miles west of Decius. It was rich in fauna, wildlife, and beautiful landscapes. However, also on the island was a Tarrasque. that destroyed anything and everything that visited the island. Emperor Katus, father of Emperor Gavenius, declared the island off limits and had buoys placed around it to warn sailors of the dangers therein.


Session #27 (3rd Era) – Following the directions from the strange compass, the Sea Word sailed to the island and found the buoys placed around warning them. The island was beautiful but the deadly tarrasque was spotted in the distance. As it started to move towards them, a William the Bloody from the future appeared and urged them to leave immediately. Quickly he told them that he came from a future where they stayed too long and everyone save William was killed. William managed to escape the island and track down the Chronomancer and with his help, he traveled back in time to prevent this from happening.


Triton also recognized this from the Field Journal he carried with him. Before they escaped they noticed that the tarrasque had a large wooden chest strapped around its neck and it is largely believed that the compass was pointing to something within it.

The Rage

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