Brind Amor Fleet

The Brind Amor Fleet what was called the three ships that were under the control of the heroes of Brind Amor.

It started with the Sea Word, the ship launched from Brind Amor for exploration and to learn the fate of the United Pride.


Session #16 (3rd Era) - As the Sea Word returned to Geargrind Island for repairs, the heroes asked the Master Tinker about procuring the Blacksail to assist them in their efforts in Decius. The Master Tinker quickly agreed and the Blacksail came into the Brind Amor Fleet.

Session #17 (3rd Era) – Through a mix up between Tetsu-ko and Commander Graves by Clerk Amiel, the heroes were able to sail away with the Quiet Fury after they infiltrated The Citadel in search of the Crown of Shadows. Thus the Quiet Fury joined the fleet


Session #18 (3rd Era) – The Brind Amor Fleet, as three ships, fought together one time in battle against Brotherhood warships who were laying siege on the Arethrion Elves.

Session #21 (3rd Era) – Captain Nanzold of the Sea Word told the heroes, who had been gone for three-and-a-half years the fate of the three ships.

Quiet Fury – has left to explore the world, last known heading for Minos Isle
o Captain – Grildur Stonehands – former Quarter Master of Quiet Fury
o Quartermaster – Skolk Yurdson – former medic of Blacksail
o Master Gunner – One of the dragonborn
o One brotherhood fighter remains, the other was lost at sea

Blacksail – war trade routes from Styrc to Decius (and Aqium)
o Captain – Kindroth Mithdaer – was nothing before
o Quartermaster – Carl the Monk – was Boatswain on Quiet Fury
o Helmsman – Quozaren – former helmsmen of Quiet Fury
o Master Gunner – One Dragonborn

Sea Word – remain in Geargrind, loyal to gnomes
o Captain – Abai Nanzold – former helmsmen of Sea Word
o Quartermaster – Clerk Amiel
o Helmsman – One Dragonborn
o Medic – Rurik Hillmaster – remained medic on Sea Word
o Master Gunner – Xanzin Smallwood – former Master Gunner on Sea Word

Brind Amor Fleet

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