Captain Berend

Captain Berend is a high ranking official in the Black Bear Army stationed in Nigrum Ursus. He is know to be very serious and stoic in his demeanor.


Session #3 (2nd Era) – As the Champions of Elon first approached the city of Nigrum Ursus they used their tokens received from the Tall Mayor of Odenburg, which were good for three days. But they caught the suspicion of one man, Captain Berend.

He questioned how they obtained the pass and where they were from before finally uttering;

“You have exactly until the day after tomorrow with this pass, if you are still here after that, you will be arrested. I’m keeping my eye on you.”

Berend followed them into the Dead Gnoll Inn and kept an eye on them the following day as they explored the walled city. He was there as they help a gardener water her plants, showed a man how to gut and cook fish, helped an old man with a broken wagon, and assisted the guards with the arrest of a thief.

While Captain Berend may have changed his idea of what the Champions were, High Chieftain Shadak did not. Upon seeing them the leader of Nigrum Ursus ordered them out of the city despite the privilege of the pass. Captain Berend could be seen pleading with the High Chief, telling him of the good deeds performed by the Champions, but the High Chief was hearing none of it. Captain Berend informed the Champions of his decision and personally escorted them back to the Chaytan.

As they were leaving, Captain Berend had some nice things to say about them:

“I have come to learn a great deal about you and your people, you seem to be an honorable clan. You have helped the Black Bear Clan numerous times today, and I thank you for it. Much success on your journey friends, may this food ease the burden of your voyage. You have a friend in Nigrum-Ursus.”

Captain Berend

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