Centum Treyopolis

Generally regarded as the largest city in the world, Centum Treyopolis is the capital of the Decius Empire and the home of the Galerius Brotherhood.

Since the fall of the Empire, Centum Treyopolis is now the capital for the Ilthor Kingdom.


Session #12 (3rd Era) – The Senior Officers first learned of the name of the capital when soldiers talked about the captured Arethrion Elves that had plans to attack the capital in the town of Savarius. Also, William the Bloody had a vision of being inside the capital when the King of the Hill Tournament was announced at the Gladiator Coliseum and felt like they had to be there for it.


Session #13 (3rd Era) – While in the town of Basti, in the mouth of Emperor Bay, the crew of the Sea Word learned of the King of the Hill Tournament that was being held in Centum Treyopolis in a few days. Wil the Bloody reminded them of his vision and said that they have to be there for it.

Session #14 (3rd Era) – The crew stayed at the Divine Wineskin Tavern and Inn before heading off to the King of the Hill Tournament. While at the tournament, they saw that the two defenders scheduled to defend the hill was Captain Ravenclaw and Quartermaster Yi of the United Pride. The Emperor announced that anyone could join them in the arena and the Sea Word crew did just that. They survived all five rounds just before a surprise attack on the arena by the Arethrion Elves. Shortly after, they left the city.

Session #22 (4th Era) Corvus Septum met with Chancellor Gavin here and fought in the King of the Hill Tournament to gain financial support for their group.

Centum Treyopolis

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