Chancellor Cassius

A mysterious, high level, figure in the Galerius Brotherhood, Chancellor Julius Cassius was scheduled to preside over the execution of four snow elves captured in Savarius.


Session #12 (3rd Era) – The Senior Officers heard of the Chancellor as the announcement of the execution of the four Arethrion Elves were to talk place the following day when he arrived.

Session #16 (3rd Era) – As the heroes returned to Scalaycium after dealing with the necrotic threat in a nearby ruins of a temple, Chancellor Cassius arrived with two warships. He had been tracking them down since their time in Savarius where they liberated the Arethrion Elves before execution. The heroes saw the ambush before they walked into it and were able to prepare. Captain Ravenclaw walked out and asked to speak to whoever was in charge and Chancellor Cassius placed them under arrest. Un’Goro had enough of it and threw down a call lightning in the center of the guards. The heroes were able to prevail, killed Chancellor Cassius, made it back to the Sea Word, and then sunk the two warships in the bay.

Before sinking his ship, the captain’s log belonging to Cassius was recovered by the senior officers. Here are the pertinent details:

  • I’m starting to have my doubts about Emperor Gavenius. He has not supported the Brotherhood like Emperor Katus did. Those around him claim him to be a visionary. Bah! Nonsense!
  • Each day I hope to get a new assignment in Northern Decius, and each day I’m stuck here in the Decius Islands. Up there is the only place where a warrior can find glory, fighting the Arethrion Elves, and reclaiming land that belongs to Decius. It’s high time they got in line with the Empire.
  • Something is up with the sudden disappearance of the traitors. Set to be executed in the morning as I arrived in Savarius, they were all gone. Someone broke them out of jail and off the island. I swear, by Ao’s Hand, I will find them.
  • Several reports are coming in of a strange “merchant” ship that was seen the day before and never again. I’ve put word out throughout the islands to be on the lookout for this ship.
  • Hard work has paid off, we have the Sea Word blocked in a Scalaycium. After the arrests, I should be in line for a well deserved promotion. Hail the Empire!

Chancellor Cassius

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