Chancellor Gavin

Tristian Gavin was five when Emperor Gavenius died, and has lived nearly all of his life in the Fractured States of Decius. His father Ian, was a commander in the Galerius Brotherhood, stationed in Centum Treyopolis. Because of his upbringing, Tristian was able to attend the finest schools in the capital and loved reading stories of heroes, especially how the Emperor defeated the Horde and shaped the Decius Empire. Naturally, Tristian followed in his father’s footsteps, and as the lines of the new nations were being drawn, Tristian found himself in the Ilthor Kingdom.

The inevitable war with Aqium was slow to start but when it did, the fractured states were shocked to see how swiftly and decisively Aqium moved in conquering the Kingdom of Dolaneg. The remaining states scrambled to fortify their defenses and threw in together (as best they could) to united themselves against a superior foe.


Chancellor Gavin, now in his 40’s combed the archives for anything that could help in the war. He found what he believes they are missing.


Each era had them. Whether it was The Righteous or the Soldiers of the Bull of the Third Age, the Champions of Elon or the Crescent Order of the Second Era or even as far back as the Three Feathers of the First Era. Each era had their champions, and this era certainly needs them now.

King Venantius gave Chancellor Gavin permission to pursue this endeavor and he scoured the lands to find the best and the brightest that he could in the amount of time and formed Corvus Septum, an elite strike team that would operate in conjunction with the armies of the fractured states in hopes of turning the tides of the Great War.

Session #23 (4th Era) – Chancellor Gavin relayed information to Corvus Septum regarding the dark elf, Senrith A’Daris and then shortly after that, he sent them on the mission to Zatha to rescue Ethne as well as the kids, Todrick and Emily Chespian. While in Zatha, a mission to replace the Aqium Asori by the name of Nemat, with another agent by the name of Hendrick Zin, was carried out by Corvus.

Session #24 (4th Era) - Chancellor Gavin gave new orders as the Legion of Aqium moved on the city of Anavio. Hendrick Zin helped them gain passage up the Cobalt River. Orders were to help Queen Seera with the defense of the capital city and pointed out that the Chief Shuuth led lizardfolk could be a valuable ally in this fight.

Session #26 (4th Era) – Chancellor Gavin, after the victory at the Battle of Anavio, gave the group orders to investigate Legion of Aqium activity near the Stator Mines.

Session #27 (4th Era) - Chancellor Gavin, now knowing that Rigel had donned the Robes of the Fallen, directed the group to the village of Alnerwick to seek out help from the tielfing researcher, Morthos.

Session #28 (4th Era) – Gavin and Morthos communicated with each other after his escape from Fort Rifugio about a way to lift the curse of the Robes of the Fallen from Rigel 108. The plan involved help from Triton 714, travel to Pella’s Wish and eventually to Khirn Doral.

Session #29 (4th Era) – No word out of Chancellor Gavin lately as Corvus Septum volunteered to help with the recapture of Arabona.

Chancellor Gavin

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