Commander Vahlen

A high ranking official with the Legion of Aqium, Commander Vahlen has show his prowess on the battlefield in more than one occasion. So successful are his battle strategies that he has overseen more and more responsibility in Aqium attacks in Decius.

He is noted for fully using the natural resources in the area, taking over local farms, mines, and people.

He is noted to be particularly cruel in dealing with traitors and locals and has been known to kill all the men in a newly conquered land. Currently he is in charge of Fort Rifugio int he Aqium lands that once were part of the Dolaneg Kingdom.


Session #27 (4th Era) Corvus Septum first heard of Commander Vahlen as a warning from Chancellor Graves as they searched for Morthos in Fort Rifugio.

They had only a minor encounter with him before bolting from the fort with Morthos. He did get a good look at Brenna and Brodus just before they fled.

Session #28 (4th Era) – Commander Vahlen dispatched his Legion of Aqium soldiers in all directions to find Corvus Septum. One group ambushed them at a nearby bridge, but was unsuccessful.

Commander Vahlen

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