Crown of Shadows

A long, lost artifact, the Crown of Shadows is an item of immense power giving the wearer the ability to control and create undead.

No one knows the true origin of the Crown of Shadows, but some arcane researches believe it predates this world. Recently it was discovered, still attached to its previous owner, in ancient ruins on the island of Minos and was brought back by Galerius Brotherhood warships. Currently it resides in The Citadel where Aqium Wizards study it before giving it to Emperor Gavenius.

Powers: Control and create undead, bonus to saving throws, armor class, radiant damage, casting spells.

Drawbacks: If you are a living creature and wear this crown, your hit point maximum is reduced by 10 for every day the crown is worn. This reduction is permanent unless healed by a living cleric casting a regenerate spell. If you die while wearing the crown, you return to life the next midnight as a lich or a vampire.

Destruction: The Crown of Shadows is nearly invulnerable to all forms of magical and mundane damage, and will even activate its create undead spell ability to protect itself if necessary. In order to destroy the Crown of Shadows, a living cleric must target it with Channel Divinity, expending all their uses, and a living paladin must strike it with Divine Smith, expending a 5th level spell slot.


Session #17 (3rd Era) – Quinvalur learned about this artifact from contact with Dark Phoenix of The Arisen through his Ring of Sending. The Arisen informed Quinvalur that the Brotherhood recently acquired the crown and were testing it at the Citadel before giving it to the Emperor. The Arisen pleaded with the Righteous to acquire this before it was given to the leader of the Decius Empire. The Arisen offered a plan to get in to the Citadel, meeting with Nicholas Netherford, mayor of Mevatay, who was sympathetic to the cause of the Arisen. The heroes were able to obtain the crown and escape through an mix-up between Tetsu-ko and Commander Graves who absconded with Quiet Fury.

Session #18 (3rd Era) – Thanks to a flashback he had, Triton hatched a plan to destroy this artifact, that would involve getting in touch with the Chronomancer to take them back in time where Endrick Brightblade and Ravoroth of Decius could destroy it, since their are no clerics and paladins of high enough level to destroy this.

Session #21 (3rd Era) – The Crown of Shadow was taken back by the All-Mage (later Astriminar) during the effects of a Time Stop spell. Wil the Bloody was the only one to notice this when the Chronomancer asked Triton about the artifact.

Transition from 3rd to 4th Era – The Crown of Shadows, one of the Seven Artifacts, is believed to be the catalyst which allowed Astriminar to transform into a lich.

Crown of Shadows

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