Dhim Vold

This village of Hilthe Mountain Dwarves is located south of the capital of Dhom Kharn-Thorrim along the Merchant King’s Road in the Hilthe Mountains. Their favorite sales pitch is to catch travelers before they reach the capital to see them wares that are at a lower price. While the prices are slightly cheaper in Dhim Vold, tax here is an astonishing 27%, per order of the Merchant King himself who felt that Dhim Vold was purposely trying to undercut capital prices.

Dhim = village
Dham = town
Dhom = capitol


Session #4 – The Champions of Elon passed through here after sailing up the Ao’s Watch River. A patrol of dwarves tried to extort gold from them for direction to this village, but Theren Strongdraw was able to back track their route from Dhim Vold. After getting fed up with the constant sales pitches and overpriced inns, the Champions decided to camp outside of the village instead before proceeding to Dhom Kharn-Thorrim the next day.

Dhim Vold

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