Dunbar is the name that is used to refer to either the entire island, or the small town on the eastern side. Dunbar was settled by humans long ago and was part of the Decius Empire. When the empire fell and was divided up by the fractured states of Decius, Dunbar was forgotten, falling between the Alimlar Domain and the Kingdom of Dolaneg.


Session #22 (4th Era) – Operation Dunbar Island took place here after Centurion Arcavius attacked and liberated the six Aqium guards stationed here. After that it was learned that an ambush was planned, carried out by a mysterious dark elf. The ambush was thwarted but with heavy casualties.

Previous to the original attack to capture Dunbar from the Legion of Aqium, a couple of Chancellor Gavin’s operatives worked here. Stath Cloudhelm worked on making the invasion easier and also assisted in getting Ethne as a replacement for Terribeth to the unsuspecting Red Sisters before she left for Zatha.

Session #23 (4th Era) – After the battle to hold on to Dunbar Town, Corvus Septum remained on the island for another two weeks before heading to Zatha on a mission to save Ethne.


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