Durn Khete-Tymir

Durn Khete-Tymir broken down is Temple (Durn) of the Khete tribe (humans) and the Tymir dwarven clan (Tymir). The location of this temple is in what is now the Alimlar Domain buried within the Geshk Desert, but it preexisted all known history of this land by maybe a thousand years or more.


Based on hieroglyphics found within the ruins it was learned that the humans and the dwarves were under constant attacks from the Scourge. The two races merged together in a sacred ritual and teamed up. There were finally able to stave off attack from the Scourge and later, even began to push them back. They attempted to incorporate other races (elves, gnomes, and halflings) but had no luck.

They made advances in after death studies and were able to not only speak with the deceased but also bring them back to life. A concept that was thought to be impossible.

There was also evidence that they built a second temple similar to this one, not far away in the foothills. They also seem like they were responsible for the invention and possible production of the Pillars and it shows how to build a Jewel of the Pillar to power them.

The last area, not complete, depicted a massive Scourge attack with airships of some sort in the background.

Session #26 (4th Era) Corvus Septum stumbled into this ruins as they chased a group of Legion of Aqium members as they looked for the Robes of the Fallen. Here they discovered that a hive of tosculi had taken up residence in the ruins. Also, they deciphered this note:

This is the ruins of a place called Durn Khete-Tymir, and each word can be broken down for its meaning:

Durn – Temple
Khete – Human tribe
Tymir – Dwarven clan

The Khete-Tymir is the name given to the humans and dwarves who allied together. They built this temple as a center of learning, dedication, and alliance to each other.

The Khete-Tymir dedicated their lives to their greatest threat, the Scourge. They made great strides in arcane studies and uplifted their people to new heights. They spread throughout the land, taking their knowledge to other races. They built a second temple in the foothills, as another bastion of hope and arcane secrets.

The poured everything into arcane studies as a way to combat the Scourge. They kept their most prized possessions in the Grand Wizard’s Sanctuary. Items they felt they could use against the Scourge. The Grand Wizard could enter freely but for anyone else to get past the guardians they would need to arrange the structures of light in certain pattern at the same time, a most difficult task.

Durn Khete-Tymir

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