Emperor Gavenius

The undisputed leader of the Decius Empire who wields the pillar artifact known as Last Rites. The passing of the Emperor to the hands of Astriminar the Lich marked the end of the 3rd Era.


Session #10 – The crew of the Sea Word learned of Emperor Gavenius through Wilhik Rovelcast while talking about pillar technology in Binable. Through a note that was found on the desk of Kaithor Blacksail, he may be related to the Galerius Brotherhood.

Session #13 (3rd Era) – The crew learned that the King of the Hill Tournament would be held in Centum Treyopolis in a few days and presided over by the Emperor himself.

Session #14 (3rd Era) – The Emperor himself presided over the events of the King of the Hill Tournament and invited anyone in attendance to join with the last two defenders (Captain Ravenclaw and Quartermaster Yi). The Senior Officers of the Sea Word joined in and survived the first four rounds. The Emperor threw them a curve for the 5th and final round we he brought out a Scourge for the last fight. Un’Goro was able to captured him in the Iron Flask, much to the surprise of the Emperor. This almost seemed to be a bit of a test and the Emperor was impressed. Moments later when the Arethrion Elves ambushed the Arena, the Emperor motioned for the victors of the tournament to escape while they can.

Session #16 (3rd Era) – Although they did not run across the Emperor, they did see two mentions of him during their time in the Clockwork Maze. The first was from a series of clues from the sphinx around the final room. His name was one of ten “heroes” throughout time that were needed to be placed in order:


The second time was when they finally met the Chronomancer. when he spoke to Captain Ravenclaw about his future:

Ah, leader of the Righteous, tell me about the time you finally confronted Gavenius? Not quite what you expected, eh?

Session #21 (3rd Era) – Emperor Gavenius gathered allies and resources to head off Astriminar the Lich as he traveled to the Sanctuary of Ao to welcome in the Scourge, fully into the world. This appears to have been a play by the former Arch Mage, as he left after killing the Emperor and absconding with Last Rites, one of the Seven Artifacts.

Emperor Gavenius

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