Fractured States of Decius

The Emperor slain by Astriminar was the first evidence of the Decius Empire crumbling, although some sages say it was inevitable considering the path it was heading down and conflicts with The Arisen and The Righteous. But when that fall began, it was swift.

Thirty-five years after that fateful day and Decius was completely different. It was divided into five separate nations, some stable and some not. Formed during the transition between the Third and Fourth Eras, but by the start of the Fourth Era began one of them was already eliminated.

The Fractured States include:

The Ilthor Kingdom
Alimlar Domain
Nosiriath Realm
Free States of Ramicus
Kingdom of Dolaneg

Today when people refer to the Fractured States, they usually are talking about the frailty of the current five kingdoms (four actually) and their inevitable demise as they succumb to Aqium.

Fractured States of Decius

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