Hendrick Zin

Hendrick Zin is an operative in the field under the leadership of Chancellor Gavin. Hendrick was stationed in Zatha as a local courier within the city. Currently, Hendrick is posing as Asori Nemat, a mid-ranking officer within the Legion of Aqium.


Hendrick used to be an actor with a small acting troupe from Nigrum-Ursus in Brind-Amor where he grew up. His roles were small but incredibly varied and this caught the eye of Gavin who recruited Hendrick to his network.

Session #23 (4th Era) – Hendrick is the point of contact for Ethne while in Zatha. She contacted him for help in her most dire hour. Chancellor Gavin sent out a message to Corvus Septum and to Zin about a new operation to replace Asori Nemat with Hendrick Zin. Corvus had to apprehend and remove Nemat from the Aqium base in Zatha without being seen doing so.

Session #24 (4th Era) - Hendrick Zin was able to provide insight and also transportation up the Cobalt River for Corvus Septum as they traveled to Anavio to defend the city from the Legion of Aqium.

Hendrick Zin

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