Hyx Valley

The Hyx Valley is a small but fertile valley set in the Hilthe Mountains. At the end of the 1st Era, the Broken Tusks tribe relocated from the Kainin Mountains to this location. At the time, the Hilthe Mountain Dwarves were not advanced enough to keep the humans out of their hereditary homeland.

Despite being located very close to the dwarves, and the capital of Dhom Kharn-Thorrim in particular, the passageway between the dwarven controlled High Valley and the Broken Tusks controlled Hyx Valley is a narrow (single-file) winding path with high mountain walls on either side. Very defensible for either side. This passageway has kept the two sides from attacking each other for centuries.

Recently the Voss Hobgoblins forced their way into the Hyx Valley from opposite side by traveling over the peaks of the Hilthe Mountains themselves. This pushed the Broken Tusks to the brink of extinction.


Session #4 – The Champions of Elon, acting on behalf of both the Merchant King of the Hilthe Mountain Dwarves, and the Broken Tusks, were able to eradicate the Voss Hobgoblins from the Hyx Valley, returning control of it back to the human barbarians.

Hyx Valley

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