Justicar Aneasar

Justicar Aneasar was born in Pella’s Wish and naturally joined the Faith of Ao religion growing up. Aneasar was strong, charismatic, and a great leader of men and quickly ascended the ranks of the dwindling faith during the time of the Decius Empire.

When the Emperor died and the empire became the Fractured States of Decius, there was a vacuum of power. This coupled with a growing trend back to the church, propelled the Faith of Ao to it’s highest levels of popularity in centuries, for this continent.

Aneasar reached out to King Karrig Thror, ruler of the dwarven people in now Ramicus, and formed a strong bond between the groups. Fearful that in the political struggles of the times that someone, either remnants of the Galerius Brotherhood or Aqium forces, could come and destroy what they individually built, they joined an alliance.

The Nosiriath Realm was the result of that alliance and the Faith of Ao joined with the dwarves to the north in the formation of this new Realm. The Realm would be ruled jointly by Justicar Aneasar and King Karrig. They would have to come to an agreement in state matters. The benefits is that they are a united front when they come together, the downfall is that a stalemate occurs more often.

Generally things have been very positive between the two sides. Kign Karrig watches over the human settlements in his region of Ramicus, while Justicar Aneasar provides a safe haven and protection from dwarven merchant ships that trade through the fractured states.

The two leaders do differ on how to proceed with the Great War. Aneasar wishes to engage Aqium to defend its borders and repel the invaders back to their lands, while King Karrig fears the loss of life of their people in a war, he believes, it between Aqium and the Ilthor Kingdom.


Session #28 (4th Era) – Justicar Aneasar and King Karrig Thror met Corvus Septum as the two leaders of the Nosiriath Realm plotted to retake the city of Arabona from the Legion of Aqium who recently conquered it. At first they were hesitant to help Corvus as they tried to lift the curse of the Robes of the Fallen from Rigel 108, but after an impassionate speech from Triton 714, they gave them their support.

Justicar Aneasar

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