Kaithor Blacksail

Leader of the Tempest Swarm in the Styrc Isles, he takes orders from the Galerius Brotherhood of the Decius Empire. He has seven ships at his command in the Styrc Isles as well as several well hidden bases.


Session #9 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word learned of him after they interrogated the pirates captured off the Soaring Waves, as one of them shouted: Kaithor Blacksails will have your heads!

Session #10 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word infiltrated and destroyed the pirate base on Jagged Isle and learned more about the elusive leader of the Tempest Swarm and their business in the Styrc Isles.

  • The found a list of Tempest Swarm ships in the area:


  • They saw that they were ransoming Miles the Farmer back to the other farmers of Ao’s Well.
  • The pirates were told to be on the lookout for a ship flying the Brind-Amor logo.
  • Last, was this strange note written in Dethek that was translated thanks to the Field Journal.


Session #12 (3rd Era) – Kaithor launched an attack on Geargrind Island with his ships positioned just outside of the range of the gnomish swivel cannons on the canopy protecting the city of Filbiklink. The Sea Word arrived in time and sunk the Thundering Waves and captured the Blacksails while killed Kaithor in the process. It was rumored that another ship ( Ironclad 351) sunk the Golden Guns before mysteriously retreating in the fog.

Session #23 (4th Era) Corvus Septum approached the Tempest Swarm pirate captain of the Nightingale, Captain Cimris, about taking Todrick and Emily Chespian to safety. The captain agreed if they would help him find the lost legendary treasure of Kaithor Blacksail, hidden in some ruins high upon a cliff near Zatha.

Session #24 (4th Era) - Corvus Septum recovered the treasure left by Kaithor and they ignored the threats left by the great captain in the treasure vault.

Kaithor Blacksail

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