Quiet Fury

The Quiet Fury is the latest and most advanced galleon-class ship that the Galerius Brotherhood has produced. Faster and offering more of a firing radius, the Quiet Fury is on the forefront of tomorrow.

Plans were made between Emperor Gavenius and Commander Graves for a secret mission of Brotherhood interest in Northern Decius. It was top secret and had the potential to be counter to interests of the Aqium Wizards.


Session #17 (3rd Era) – While the heroes infiltrated The Citadel looking to steal the Crown of Shadows, A clerk Amiel mistook Commander Graves for Tetsu-ko after they recovered the artifact and were planning an exit. Tetsu-ko assumed the role, gathered up what plans she could find, and set sail shortly after. Tetsu-ko managed to get most of the contingent of Brotherhood soldiers, under the command of Captain Novius, when she had they attack the Vine Lord. After this, the ship was 100% hers.


Quiet Fury

Captain – Tetsu-ko
Quartermaster – Junior Officer Grildur
Helmsman – Junior Officer Quozaren
Master Gunner – Quinvalur
Boatswain – Junior Officer Carl
Medic – Clerk Amiel
Other – (2) Ex-Brotherhood Fighters
Crewmen – (20) Able

Session #18 (3rd Era) – The Quiet Fury, along with the rest of the Brind Amor Fleet, attacked and sunk two Brotherhood warships in Ice Maw Bay as the heroes went to assists the Arethrion Elves in Northern Decius. The Senior Officers would later teleport to Central Aqium, and the location of the Quiet Fury is unknown at this time.

Session #21 (3rd Era) – During the three-and-a-half years the seniors officers were trapped in the Fortress of the Ur Mage, the ships of the Brind Amor Fleet went through changes, each going off in their own direction. The Sea Word left to explore the world, last known heading for the Island of Minos. It is run by former Junior Officers which include the following:

Captain – Grildur Stonehands (dwarf fighter 2) – former Quarter Master of Quiet Fury
Quartermaster – Skolk Yurdson (human barbarian 1) – former medic of Blacksail
Master Gunner – One Dragonborn

Quiet Fury

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